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Kirara is a female Glaceon.

Not just a Glaceon.
Species Glaceon
Age unknown
Level 86
Types Ice-type.png
Gender Female
Home Kanto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Pecha Berry
Nature Unspecified


As an Eevee

As a Glaceon

Friends& Family


→ Main article: Nova

Nova and Kirara are best friends since the day Nova was just a Charmander and Kirara an Eevee. Nova and Kirara have a strong friendship and they both know that whatever might happen, they'll never fotget or abandon eachother. Rumor has it that there is more than just friendship in this relation but it is unknown if this is true and if it's true if it's mutual love or not and from which side the love is.


→ Main article: Scratch

Scratch is Kirara's weird but nice uncle. Kirara's presence is enough to brighten up Scratch's day.


→ Main article: Shadow

Shadow is Kirara's mother.


→ Main article: Static

Static is Kirara's father and although the two often argue Kirara does love him.


  • Kirara is the only kid of Shadow and Static that is not adopted.