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"Keahi is the name. Sorceress and potions master. I happily take requests, should you need any of my services."
Species Fox Pokémon
Age 5
Level 85
Types Fire-type.png Psychic-type.png
Gender Female
Home Laverre City, Kalos
Trainer n/a
Carrying Stick
Nature Modest

Keahi is a peculiar sort of Delphox, so specialized in magic, potions brewing, charms and hexing that she's quite a formidable and well-known witch, often questioned for her methods as she perceives no limit to the potential power she may acquire.


Keahi was born to a family of Delphox, Braixen and Fennekin specifically bred for the Kalosian trainer’s program, but found herself lost amongst a group of these newborns after they were shipped off to another region for some brief medical testing before being shipped back. The cargo was misplaces, and Keahi the Fennekin found herself wandering around, looking for a way back home but not sure how to get there or even where to start. After well over a year of searching, still being young but incredibly independent, she found out about the Kalosian region, hearing that to be the most likely place any Fennekin would come from. So, (and a little while after evolving into a Braixen) she found herself a boat, a boat that eventually put her back in Kalos, but her search came to a rather abrupt end when she later discovered that there was no way of possibly being reunited with her family, as they were all surely living with separate trainers by that time. So she instead took a fascination with her own powers, finding herself a home and slowly beginning the process of learning what a Braixen is capable of. That is, until she met Madame Fae, a Delphox living in the Kalosian wilds. She took Keahi under her wing and taught her many of the core fundamentals of magic, spell casting, potion making, and the like. It was Keahi’s insatiable appetite for learning, however, that really helped her blossom into the witch she would eventually become, evolving into a Delphox herself not long after her lessons with Fae. From there she took up a potions business from her hut just outside of Laverre City, often using her unorthodox concoctions to supply medicine to the pharmacies in town for a reduced cost. When she wasn’t gathering ingredients and mixing potions, however, she was almost always buried in a book of the arcane, taking in every possible facet of magic she could, rapidly developing into an extremely powerful witch over the following years. She would exhaust herself in her pursuits, at times going days without sleep with the goal of perfectly mastering a spell or a hex, or even a move in some instances. Her obsessive tendencies drove her to being a hermit, and even causing her to question a lot of her own moral judgment, something she still struggles with even to this day.


Keahi is average in size for a female Delphox, standing at just barely over four and a half feet in height. Her fur, when not matted after several days of excessive work, is often kept down, rather than prominent and spiked outward like most Delphox. She often keeps her fur thin and close to her body, brushed down so as not to get in the way of her work. Even despite her tendencies, she has a rather healthy look and figure, due to a very strict diet she abides by, and a dedicated work ethic that often sees her doing much of her own heavy lifting.

Personality and Demeanor

Keahi is a very confident sort of witch, very blunt and unafraid to speak her mind and tell someone like it is. Though she is very kind, there's a bit of troublesome air about the way she acts, and it seems as though her moral compass is constantly wavering, thus making her rather unpredictable at times.


Mystical Fire

Grass Knot


Calm Mind

Shadow Ball


Hyper Beam

Light Screen

Hidden Power (Bug)

Sunny Day

Lucky Chant

Dazzling Gleam

Magic Room

Fire Blast

Battle Style

Keahi commands the battle with an extreme sense of confidence, wavering on arrogance, but being so deserving of it, it can be rather intimidating. Whether a nonchalant flick of the wand causes her target to erupt into flames or a passing snap of her vulpine claws and they are flung across the room, rarely does she find the need to aggressively set her feet and find a stance, unleashing her attacks as if she is a conductor beautifully commanding her orchestra.