Katie Fallow

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Katherine Fallow
Entirely capable of kicking your ass.
Age 23 (Birthday: August 11th)
Gender Female
Home Mossdeep City, Hoenn
Pokemon captured Swampert, Magneton, Crobat, Solrock, Heracross, Drifloon, Chandelure, Cacturne (Released)

Katherine Lily Fallow, usually known as Katie, is a highly experienced trainer in the Hoenn League, currently living in Olivine City.


Like many other trainers, Katie started out just after the age of ten. Unlike many other trainers, however, her journey was interrupted by her tumultuous home life. Originally born in Mossdeep City, Katie is the only daughter of William Fallow, a fisherman, and Rachel Fallow, a Mossdeep Space Center employee. Her early childhood was almost idyllic, but soon after she set out on her Pokémon journey, a Mudkip named Typhoon by her side, her home life fell apart. Her father became an alcoholic, and began to beat her mother; when Katie returned home, she also became a target. At the age of 12, she finally convinced her mother to leave the house. This act earned Katie one final beating, before her mother's sister, a musician named Louise, came and took her away to live in Lilycove City. Her experience left Katie a broken and angry child, but with her aunt's patience and love, she finally recovered enough to try training again at the age of 14.

With a stable home life, and a Mudkip that seemed like he would do anything for his trainer, Katie proved to be quite good at battling. Unfortunately, when she lost a battle, she would try to attack and injure the opposing trainer. Louise, sensing that she wouldn't be able to ever fully let go of her anger, encouraged her to focus it into her training. Wondering if a change of scenery would help, Katie decided to take Typhoon and Stiletto, a Cacnea, and explore the Kanto region.


Kanto proved to be a boon for Katie. Traveling around from city to city, she made excellent progress in bonding with her Pokémon, surprising many trainers with her unusual focus. Emotionally, however, she was still wounded, and continued to take losses very badly. When she refused to pay the winning trainer after one such loss, he attacked her. It was at that point that Katie realized just how deep the bond between her and Typhoon went, as he viciously pummeled the man while Katie escaped. This incident led to the Indigo League sending Katie home, but not before she had caught a Magnemite to bring back with her.

The Hoenn League

After what he had done for her in Kanto, Katie decided that Typhoon and her other Pokémon deserved a trainer that could better keep her emotions in check. To this end, Katie embarked on the Gym challenge. With Typhoon's typing and sheer willpower, she overcame the first three gyms. It was before heading to Lavaridge, on a side trip to Meteor Falls, that Katie caught a Solrock she named Sunny. Typhoon again lead the way in defeating Flannery and Norman, but before she could challenge Winona, the Hoenn League came calling. They needed a skilled guide for a trainer from Johto.

Instructed to return to Rustboro, Katie was less than amused to find that a dainty, bespectacled young woman named Shion Kitakami would be her charge. After spouting several insults about Shion and her region, to Katie's shock, Shion challenged her to battle, and ran her Pokémon into the ground. Too stunned to even curse at Shion, Katie was even more surprised when she apologized for her Pokémon being so rough. The two became friends immediately.

Shion accompanied Katie all over Hoenn, including watching her Gym battles against Winona, Tate, and Liza. When the two arrived back at Katie's home in Lilycove, she treated her guest to a plate of Tamato berry spaghetti, an act of kindness that very nearly killed her. Katie was so shaken by this incident, she put off challenging the Sootopolis Gym for a very long time, although she successfully did it just recently.

Kanto and Sinnoh

After seeing Shion off to Johto, Katie decided another excursion was in order. She returned to Kanto again, briefly, meeting a little Zubat that had been abandoned by her previous trainer. After learning that this trainer was notorious for abandoning Pokémon she considered weak, Katie, with the Zubat's help, tracked her down and delivered a severe beating. The Indigo League turned a blind eye to this, but Katie left anyway; she hasn't been back to Kanto since.

Instead of going home, however, she traveled to Sinnoh, a trip that served mostly as a vacation. She did, however, return to Lilycove with a a Drifloon egg, won from a tournament in Eterna City. Feeling much better, she decided to focus her frustrations into exercising, and has become less violent than she used to be to avoid scaring her newly-hatched Drifloon.


Now that she had finally won all eight badges from Hoenn, and growing tired of Hoenn's warm climate making it difficult to exercise outdoors, Katie purchased a home in Olivine City. Whether or not she will challenge the Johto League yet is unclear.


Katie is five feet, nine inches tall, with a fair complexion, and short, brown hair that she usually keeps tied back into a ponytail. She is powerfully built, and exercises at least three times a week, usually with her Pokémon. It isn't unusual to see her with a band-aid somewhere on her body, covering a scrape or nick from a fight. She also wears pearlescent pink lipstick, one of the few 'normal girl' things she allows herself.


Katie is a self-proclaimed hard-ass, always ready with a snide remark, or, if sufficiently pissed off, a fist or foot to the face. It's difficult to get to know her, as she tends to be skeptical of anyone being nice to her. Those that manage to break through her shell, either through persistence or defeating her in battle, will find a very loyal woman, more than willing to put herself in danger for the people she cares about. Though she might strike another person, Katie would never dare to hit a Pokémon, and harbors a deep hatred of anyone that does.


Katie counts Shion as her only real friend, though she is nice to Ashley and Bianca, the former of which she views much like a little sister. She also enjoys teasing Alex Cena, although it'd be a stretch to consider the two friends at this point.

League Achievements

  • Hoenn League
    • Stone Badge
    • Knuckle Badge
    • Dynamo Badge
    • Heat Badge
    • Balance Badge
    • Feather Badge
    • Mind Badge
    • Rain Badge


82.png Magneton [Faraday]

(Genderless, Ability: Sturdy, Moveset: Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Magnet Rise, Toxic)

Katie's third Pokémon, caught on Kanto Route 11. Faraday is not particularly good at flying around, as it is fast but clumsy, and routinely crashes into objects and people. During rainy days or thunderstorms, it seems to fare much better in flight, for reasons unknown. As a nod to Katie's sense of humor, Faraday is the Pokémon she usually uses to poison a foe.

169.png Crobat [Indigo]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Inner Focus, Moveset: Fly, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, Bite)

Katie's fifth Pokémon, first met outside Pewter City. Indigo is a little bit insane, but her devotion to Katie is limitless, and slightly terrifying. She is very fast, and has a fuse nearly as short as her trainer.

214.png Heracross [Atlas]

(Gender: Male, Ability: Swarm, Moveset: Close Combat, Megahorn, Earthquake, Shadow Claw)

Katie's seventh Pokémon, caught in the Hoenn Safari Zone after she returned from Sinnoh. Atlas, though very strong, is quite gentle, and usually friendly. On occasion, he can be seen lifting his trainer with his horn, both as a greeting, and as exercise to maintain his strength.

260.png Swampert [Typhoon]

(Gender: Male, Ability: Torrent, Moveset: Surf, Dig, Ice Beam, Muddy Water)

Katie's starter, Typhoon was once the spitting image of his trainer -- cranky, quick to anger, and almost dangerously violent. But as Katie as calmed down, so has he, to the point where he is almost always playing with kids and other Pokémon, especially Luft. In battle, however, he retains his raw emotion, and will occasionally get out of control.

338.png Solrock [Sunny]

(Genderless, Ability: Levitate, Moveset: SolarBeam, Psychic, Rock Slide, Sandstorm)

Katie's fourth Pokémon, caught at Meteor Falls before Katie challenged the Lavaridge Gym. Sunny is generally quite stoic, and serves in a role almost analogous to the angel on Katie's shoulder, talking her down from doing something stupid. Recently, with the addition of Luft, it has gained a softer side, and is showing a bit more emotion.

425.png Drifloon [Luft]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Aftermath)

Katie's sixth Pokémon, won as an egg from Eterna City. Luft is still young, and is not used to fight. Her role seems to be an outlet for Katie's latent love of cute things. Luft is always tagging along behind her trainer, floating and squeaking happily.

609.png Chandelure [Diya]

(Gender: Female, Ability: Flash Fire, Moveset: Flamethrower, Hex, Flame Burst, Smog)

Originally recieved in trade as a Litwick from Bianca for a Beldum. Diya's favorite thing seems to be terrifying Psychic and Grass-type Pokémon, both in and out of battle, though Sunny pays little mind to her antics. At night, she likes to sleep in the corners of rooms, and apparently snores a bit.

Former Pokémon

332.png Cacturne [Stiletto]

Katie's second Pokémon, released back onto Route 111 after her behavior towards other trainers became too vicious for even Katie to ignore.