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Karen Annabeth Unbra
HeartGold SoulSilver Karen.png
Karen, in her favorite attire
Age 27
Gender Female
Home Indigo Plateau
Pokemon captured Weavile, Spiritomb, Honchkrow, Absol, Houndoom, Umbreon, Abra, Mightyena, Purrloin, Hydreigon, Zoroark, Scrafty, Bisharp

Karen Annabeth Umbra (born in Cerulean, KA) is a Kantonian professional Master Trainer, former Champion of the Indigo Elite Four and its current leader, as well as the former Park Director of the Johto Safari Zone. She specializes in the Dark-type.


Karen was born to Annabeth Logan, a screenwriter, and Sylvester Umbra, a well-known championship boxer, in Cerulean City. At a young age, she showed a great interest in becoming a Pokemon trainer, as well as a high interest in her father's career, watching all of his title matches and being inspired by the success he maintained. However, because of his frequent absences from the house, despite the money he earned being used only for his family's sake, Karen grew to resent her father. Her mother was her only company as she refused to have friends and rashly started fights on the playground. Annabeth's sister, Katie, played the role of second mother to her during this time. During this period, she wished to specialize in Fighting-types, like her father.

The Mask of Ice

At the age of 11, Karen was kidnapped by a mysterious man calling himself the The Mask of Ice. She was seduced by the kind of power that she could control under his tutelage, and remained in his service for 5 years. During this time, she became intrigued by the newly-discovered Dark-type, for it had a weakness to her father's favorite type. She saw mastering these Pokemon as a way to master herself and become stronger. It was during this time that she first met Green.

Karen, now 16, during her time as a disciple of the The Mask of Ice, seen here with Millicent.

She was partnered with Will, a Psychic Pokemon trainer that had been abducted around the same time that she had been.

Karen participated in the fight between the Mask of Ice and the PokeDex holders of Kanto and Johto, but was soundly defeated. She gave up shortly afterwards, forsakening the life she had lived for years. She returned to her mother in Cerulean.

Making up for lost time

Karen returned to having a normal life, but having lived as a criminal for years had changed her - she was now much more brash, arrogant, and seductive than before, the latter being the product of her aging. When she returned to schooling, she began dating boy after boy, eventually losing her virginity to one. Despite her frequent late nights, she was able to graduate high school with honors.

Unfortunately, Karen's mother Annabeth had been diagnosed with breast cancer with little chance to live. Karen spent the majority of her next year with her mother, forsaking her first semester at Kanto Regional University almost completely to care for her. Her father, retired now, chose to have the family spend as much time as possible together. Eventually, Annabeth passed peacefully. Karen was emotionally distraught, but was able to clear her head by returning to her old ways. She became a party girl, and nearly failed out of college her first year.

Around this time, Karen began to experiment with her sexuality, dating both men and women. During a spell of nearly all women, her father found out, and being a traditionalist, he slurred at her, causing them to have an enormous fight that saw the two of them to not speak to each other for years.

Cleaning up her act

Her father's diatribe having sobered her up, Karen returned to her studies, where she graduated from KRU with honors. She then started major training, her ambition being to become a member of the Elite Four, a group of Master trainers whom were the final challenge for anyone capable of finishing the Indigo League Gym Challenge. She battled and fought, maintaining her use of Dark-types as a sort of rebellion against her estranged father, and eventually became an alternate for her hometown's Gym. She pushed farther, and eventually a position on the Elite Four opened. She applied, and in a very close match with the champion of the time, she was able to earn her worth and become a new member of the Elite Four. She worked harder still, eventually becoming the leader of the Elite Four after Lance, the former leader, took up the mantle of Champion.

The Takeover

When Team Rocket began their usurping of the Indigo League, Karen was one of the first to fight. She did well in the great battle, but was ultimately defeated and went into hiding with the rest of the freedom fighters. She became incredibly concerned when Morty, the leader of the Ecruteak Gym, was brainwashed by Giovanni into serving Team Rocket, and she rescued him (with some help from Blue). Karen tried to return him to his normal mindset but talking, but in a case of reverse-Stockholm's Syndrome, she began to develop feelings for him, eventually leading to the two having relations. She viewed this act as disgraceful afterwards, considering it rape because of Morty's condition.

Karen was involved in the final battle against Team Rocket, facing both Ariana and Proton. During the fight, she nearly died at the hands of Ariana's Arbok, and confessed her feeling for Cynthia before defeating Ariana. Soon afterwards, she began her search for Morty, who did not wish to be found. Karen gave her search up after hearing this and after talking to Officer Jenny, whom had an interest in Karen. The two did not last, however. Jenny broke up with Karen, saying that because the two would not be spending much time together because of her line of duty, and it would all be for the best.

Connections, New and Old

Karen began running Gym Inspections after the the attempted takeover ended. During this time, she befriended a Darkrai, much different than the other malevolent Darkrai she had met before.

Soon after, her father, Sylvester, attempted to reconcile with his daughter in public, a gesture that would drive her away instead of bring her closer. Her drunken self somehow managed to find her way to Unova where Karen awoke the next day. She explored Castelia City, accompanied by Dorian's Houndoom, Conner, staying with the Striaton City leader Skyla. The next day, to her and everyone else's surprise, Karen found out that her good friend Caitlin was not only an incredibly proficient battler, but an established member of the Unovan Elite Four. She returned home to say good bye.

The next day, after the actions of Cofagrigus had caused the near-fatal injury of Karen's good friend Jasmine, Karen sought the help of her friend Darkrai to finally defeat the creature. Instead, she was possessed, once again, by the evil Darkrai. She managed to maintain control of her body, though, and continued on, attempting to face the Mummified Pokemon with the power of two Darkrai. She was overwhelmed, however, by sheer numbers, and was nearly killed before Mewtwo interfered. Karen attemted to save Mewtwo, but was too late, as Gray's actions had caused him to become an infant Mewtwo.

She awoke the day after to find that an alternate-timeline version of her, Karin, had arrived in her timeline. The two met, and after discussing the amusement of their situation, regarded each other as sisters.

The Return of the Mask

Karen attempted to live her life, even with the return of The Mask of Ice. She had even attempted to move on from her love for Cynthia. The kidnapping of Green and Silver, however, as well as her own dark feelings cause by her interactions with the antagonistic Battle Frontier, caused her to break down. Chermaine spoke to her of having a family again with the Mask, and after being confronted by Lance, she resigned her post, giving it to Karin. She rejoined the Mask of Ice, and was branded the Mask Of Seduction.

Her first act under her "father" was to kidnap Cynthia, who she deluded herself into loving again. She succeeded, but was ordered by her father to return her as doing so could have endangered his plans. Karen returned her to the custody of Pearl and Platina.

Karen continued to work under the Mask, conducting reconnaissance missions. During her mental captivity, she grew close to her adoptive sisters Chermaine and Green, and was antagonistic towards her adoptive brother Keane.

During a visit to the League to speak to Lance, who she still respected, Karen confronted her sister, and the two fought. In the resulting battle, Karen unleashed her Darkrai's deadly Hypnosis and Nightmare attacks on her sister, and it was this that pushed her to insanity and uncaring. She then confessed that her infatuation with Cynthia was not love - it was hero-worship, idolization. She shed these "childish" feelings and began serving the Mask fully.

Karen and Green shared confidences, and Green confessed that she was scared of her "father" to her. It was this, as well as Chermaine nearly attacking Green out of frustration in the final battle, that caused Karen to betray their family and save Green. However, this did not come without a cost, as Karen sacrificed herself to Keane's attack - her legs were frozen and she was beaten half to death. She was rescued before reaching death by Mewtwo and Alex Cena.

Branded a Criminal

After recovering for days in Karin's apartment, Karen vowed to reconcile for her actions. She began by having Green join her on a trip to Mt. Silver's hot springs to heal her remaining wounds, much like Sabrina and Red had years before.

After speaking to Green about the nature of criminality, they decided to turn themselves in to Lorelei, the new leader of the Elite Four, whom had been searching for them. Shortly after, she was forced to let them go by the League. Karen then began to attempt redemption, speaking to Cynthia and apologizing for her sins against her, and assured her that she would no longer be seeking her affections. She briefly lent her apartment to Alex Cena and White for their trip to Johto.

She began seeing Lucian of the Sinnoh Elite Four shortly thereafter, which caused much trouble with Flint, who held a similar stance on Karen's innocence to Lorelei.

Return and Confusion

Lorelei was eventually ousted for her actions as leader of the Elite Four, and Karen, along with her sister Karin, returned to their post as leaders of the Indigo Elite Four.

Karen began taking interest in Shion Kitakami, a recently outed lesbian, who had spoken to her before. She sought the permission of Lucian, whom she had found out was polyamorous, if it would be fine if she dated. He agreed, but after Karen found that the relationship could not continue like this, as well as budding feelings of loneliness because of her distance from Lucian, she broke off his relationship with him and began a new one with Shion.

After her friend Machamp was rejected by the Pokemon League as a challenger, she confronted Lance and verbally assaulted him, angry at his apparent apathy. He fired Karen in his rage (part of which was the fault of Wataru, an alternate personality within Lance). She then launched herself into a state of depression that included a relapse of her alcoholism. Shion, knowing that she could do nothing to push her away from it, broke it off with Karen, kicking her out, as well.

For a time, she took the job as the Park Director of the Johto Safari Zone. She met Sird, one of the "Three Beasts" of Team Rocket, whom she took a subtle interest in.

After some time, Karen requested for her job back, which Lance grudgingly agreed to.

Championship Gold

After regaining her job, Karen began rehabilitation, and came out of it better; except for one brief relapse, Karen has remained sober since. She also engaged in brief relationships with Sird and Courtney, a Team Magma executive. During her recovery, she trained herself to her physical peak, as well as her Pokemon. In mid 2012, she announced her intention to challenger her long-time friend and boss Lance for the Indigo League Champion. In late April, during a private match, Karen defeated Lance 6-5, claiming her first Championship. Not long after, she was tasked with infiltrating a tournament held in Unova of the world's greatest trainers; the League suspected the involvement of Team Rocket. She also entered with her own agenda, as she hoped to free Chermaine, her former companion under the Mask, from Team Rocket's grasp, a task she shared with Green. It was at this time that Karen came to grips with her feelings for Green, and broke it off with her boyfriend Jacob, a guard for the gates to the Indigo Plateau, under the pretense that it would create potential accusations of nepotism.

Despite a strong early showing, Karen did not perform as well in the tournament as she could have, due mostly to her focusing on the mission and on her internal turmoil with Green. After exploring a part of the stadium where the tournament was being held, she was captured by Archer and Team Rocket, where she was held prisoner for several days before making an escape attempt. Green got involved, and in the ensuing scuffle, Karen was burned by Archer's Houndoom and Green was shot twice in the abdomen. This incident sparked a massive battle at the stadium between Rockets and trainers, during which Karen mounted her own rescue attempt for Green, helped by the Reds and Brawly.

After spending days together in the hospital, Karen confessed her feelings for Green, but decided to put them aside for the sake of their friendship. Some days before that, however, Karen was quietly removed from her position as Champion and once again assumed leadership of the Elite Four.

Known Pokemon

Karen is known to have at least 14 Pokemon:

FileSpr 4h 197.png Umbreon

(Gender: Female, Ability: Synchronize)

Millicent (often called Milly) is Karen's Umbreon. Given to her as an Eevee, she a gift by the Mask of Ice upon her initiation into his group. She is Karen's closest Pokemon and she regards her as the most wonderful Pokemon on the planet. It is a physical attacker with massive defenses, focusing on absorbing blows while preparing its deadly Curse/Payback combination.

FileSpr 4p 430.png Honchkrow

(Gender: Female, Ability: Super Luck)

Bellatrix (often referred to as Bella) is Karen's Honchkrow. She caught her as a Murkrow during her time with the Mask of Ice and evolved it after being given a Dusk Stone as one of her graduation presents. Bellatrix is Karen's flier, used for short-distance travel, and is also a physical attacker, combining Night Slash's already-potent critical-hit ratio with her ability, Super Luck.

FileSpr 4p 461 f.png Weavile

(Gender: Female, Ability: Pressure)

Felicia is Karen's Weavile. She caught it during her time with the Elite Four. She is shy, but a ferocious fighter if her or her trainer is threatened. She is a physical attacker and is capable of using Swords Dance. She was instrumental in training the Gengar that Lance would use in his final battle with Giovanni during the Rocket Insurgency.

FileSpr 4p 359.png Absol

(Gender: Female, Ability: Pressure)

Bianca is Karen's Absol. She caught on a trip to the Hoenn region. Bianca is a physical attacker similar to Bellatrix.

FileSpr 4h 229 f.png Houndoom

(Gender: Female, Ability: Flash Fire)

Alice is Karen's Houndoom. She was also a gift from the Mask of Ice as a Houndour. She is a special attacker, specializing in the use of Nasty Plot.

File442.png Spiritomb

(Gender: Male, Ability: Pressure)

Raphael is Karen's Spiritomb. She caught it on her trip to Sinnoh, after hearing legends about them from the locals. It is used mainly as a support buffer for the rest of her team.

Spr 5b 262.png Mightyena

(Gender: Female, Ability: Intimidate)

Victoria (ofter referred to as Vicky) is Karen's Mightyena. She was a gift from Maxie as an Egg prior to Karen's change in attitude towards him. She keeps Victoria as a reminder of the kindness that can exist in someone prior to change. She evolved into a Mightyena prior to Karen's battle with the rogue Cofagrigus.

FileSpr 5b 509.png Purrloin

(Gender: Male, Ability: Limber)

Emerson is Karen's Purrloin. She caught it during her brief time in Unova. He is playful and mischievous, and Karen has admitted on more than one occasion that he is hard to train.

FileSpr 5b 635.png Hydreigon

(Gender: Male, Ability: Levitate)

Severus is Karen's Hydreigon. She was given Severus by the Mask of Ice upon her return to his side.

FileSpr 5b 571.png Zoroark

(Gender: Male, Ability: Illusion)

Penn is Karen's Zoroark. She was given Penn by the Mask of Ice upon her return to his side.

Spr 5b 560.png Scrafty

(Gender: Male, Ability: Shed Skin)

Bancho is Karen's Scrafty. He was originally the leader of a gang of Scraggy that got into a scrap with a gang of Ducklett. Karen helped them out and earned the respect of Bancho, who wanted to join Karen's party. He recently evolved into a Scrafty.

Spr 5b 625 s.png Bisharp

(Gender: Female, Ability: Inner Focus)

Lady is Karen's shiny Bisharp. As a Pawniard, Lady witnessed Karen's capture of Bancho and challenged her to a match with him. She is honorable and chivalrous, like a knight.

FileSpr 5b 331.png Cacnea

(Gender: Male, Ability: Sand Veil)

Bouncy is Karen's Cacnea. Captured by accident in a spare Heavy Ball Karen had, he is incredibly loving of his new "mommy," despite her apparant hatred of the evolutionary line sparked by an incident with Sidney's Cacturne years previously. With the help of her girlfriend Shion, however, the two managed to get along. He is currently under the ownership of Shion, a farewell gift to Karen's now-ex.

Spr 5b 491.png Darkrai

(Gender: Female (supposed), Ability: Bad Dreams)

Karen has made contact with a Darkrai who considers humanity to be evil and wishes to rid the earth of them. Her views were caused by the loss of a boy she met decades before Karen. She had attempted to befriend him, and succeeded, before war torn them apart. Because she viewed his death as humanity's uncaring for anything, even their own, Darkrai began hating humans, giving any who attempt to find her nightmares. She is sister to the benevolent Darkrai. That Darkrai has since been caught by Karen after being exorcized from her body by Agatha, and has been nicknamed Persephone. Karen has since released her.

FileSpr 5b 063.png Abra

(Gender: Various, Ability: Inner Focus/Synchronize)

Karen also owns several Abra that she uses mainly for teleportation purposes. Lance makes it a habit to steal one and use it often, however.


Karen's appearance is something that she is quite proud of. Although not slender to the degree of some models, she is still thin and curvy, with semi-wide hips and a bust that she flaunts constantly when she wishes to. She generally wears revealing clothing, such as her favorite outfit; a yellow double-spaghetti-strap tank top that cuts off at her midriff, one set of straps loose and hanging on her arms, and white hiphuggers that do her curves justice. Her silver hair is also something she is proud of - she grooms it daily and has been growing it for years.

During her time with the Mask of Ice, she wore an extremely low-cut black evening gown as her outfit for most of her tenure.


Karen is upbeat - she will never back down from a fight (she is usually the one that instigates the fight) and never quit, no matter how tired she may be. In battle, she is fierce, wearing the opponent down with the trickery of the Dark-type, then moving in for the kill.

Outside of battle, Karen is incredibly flirtatious and seems to have no shame. She will flirt with anyone, and generally enjoys getting silly reactions from those she speaks to. When she is serious about flirting with someone however, her tone becomes far more seductive. Karen used to be a heavy drinker, but after a spat with Agatha, she became more responsible with what happened to her. Friendship and trust are strong traits for Karen, and she will never forgive someone who has betrayed her trust or her friendship. She will even speak casually to her friends, even though those friends are on the opposite side (for example, she spoke normally to Janine during her time in Team Rocket). Karen is also wary of most people, and has stated that she trusts few.

During her time with the Mask of Ice, she became childish, a reflection of her true nature - she had not developed as well she could have after her first run with him. Afterwards, she retained most her her personality, but has become less confrontational.

Karen is naturally a bisexual, having had relationships with both men and women; however, lately she has discovered that she has a much greater preference for women. She may also be considered pansexual, as she has been in at least one relationship with a genderqueer person.



Lance is Karen's boss as Champion, and the two have a high mutual respect. Karen has regarded Lance as one of the few people whom she trusts wholeheartedly. She also had a brief crush on Lance. Karen says that the two are nearly-evenly matched when it comes to battle skills, and she often teases him about his OCD and his lack of social and romantic skills.


Karen met Cynthia at a conference in Sinnoh, and was instantly swept off her feet by the Sinnohsian Champion's prodigious battle skill. She regards Cynthia as her one true love, and can barely string together a sentence in her presence. Cynthia remained ignorant to Karen's adoration of her for a while, regarding Karen as only a good friend, until Karen confessed to her when she thought she was dying. Cynthia responded by calling her a wonderful woman, but as she was neither bi nor gay, she could not return her feelings. Karen understood and has since attempted to move on. She kidnapped Cynthia shortly after rejoining the Mask, but returned her because of the danger it posed to her plans. After attacking Karin, Karen accepted the truth - she was never in love with Cynthia, simply transfixed by her; she hero-worshiped her. She has since reconciled with Cynthia.


Being the mentor of Karen during her early days of the Elite Four, Agatha constantly nags and corrects her, once even forcing Karen to act like a person she wasn't. Karen has yet to defeat Agatha in battle, despite having a type-advantage. The two ofter fight, but Agatha cares about Karen's well-being because of her similar past. When Agatha became unwell at the hands of her own self-torture to escape Team Rocket, Karen heavily questioned her own ability to defeat the Rockets.


Karen and Morty had little-to-no interaction before Team Rocket took him and brainwashed him; Karen was extremely concerned for his well-being, so she decided to rescue him. She treated him better than any other POW, and then took him to her old house, where Karen's Aunt Katie doted on him. Karen has developed passionate feelings for him, feelings he might return as he consented to having sex with her. Karen, however, viewed it as rape and started trying to push herself away to prevent more damage. She finally gave up on him after the final battle between the Resistance and Team Rocket, choosing to let him decide for himself what he wanted.


Jenny began to show interest in Karen shortly after the end of the Rocket Insurgency, when Karen commented that she was bisexual. The two dated briefly, but after seeing that their lack of time spent together because of Jenny's work was putting a strain on their relationship, Jenny broke up with Karen.


Jasmine is one of Karen's best friends. Karen has shown a deep caring for her, jumping to her aid often and defending her when she is down. When Desukaan nearly killed her with her own possessed Steelix, Karen began her mission to stop the rogue Pokemon.


Karen Karin Williams is an alternate version of Karen from a different timeline. Karen met her and the two grew close almost immediately, regarding each other as sisters. They share many traits (although Karin suppresses some of them) as well as many differences.


Lucian and Karen began dating after Karen asked him out. She had fallen in love with him, but the distance and their occupations took strain on their relationship, so Karen ended it. It was recently revealed that it's Lucian Karen is hung up on, instead of Shion.


Karen began dating Shion around the time Ashley Amaya was hospitalized. She initially flirted with the recently-outed lesbian, but was just teasing before realizing it was more than that. Karen began a relationship with her at the same time as her relationship with Lucian, but because his polyamorous lifestyle was so different and unflattering to Karen, she chose to continue her relationship with Shion. Karen has helped Shion come out of her shell more. The two have since broken up because of Karen's depression. Karen was hung up on her for a time, but after coming to a realization, she let go and began supporting Shion's new relationship.


Karen dated Sird, a genderqueer Rocket executive, for a time, but didn't feel as connected to zir as she'd hoped, so she broke it off. The two remain friends.


After years of taunting and flirting with each other, Karen began an open relationship with Courtney, which she later admitted was "mostly about the sex". But when Karen wanted to have a more serious relationship with her, Courtney told her that it wasn't what she was looking for and broke it off.


Karen then started flirting with a young League Gate Guard, Jacob, and began a relationship with him. When Karen became Champion, she found pretense to break it off in Mr. Hall's strict anti-nepotism policies, but in reality broke it off over her budding feelings for Green.


Of the other children of the Mask of Ice, Green was the one Karen grew closest to, especially during her second tenure with him. After saving Green from a raging Keane, she and Karen became closer friends, trusting each other with secrets and missions. Over time, Karen's feelings for her grew; however, once those feelings were brought to light, Green let her down gently, saying that it wasn't possible at the time because of her relationship with Fire. The two chose to remain close friends, and Green is probably Karen's best friend.


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