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James Marshall/White Hat Jimi
Species Growlithe
Level The strongest, I guess!  ̄ー ̄
Types Fire-type.png
Gender Male
Home Unova
Trainer Wild
Carrying A white flat-cap with a black stripe.
Nature Unspecified

James Marshall also known as White Hat Jimi or simply Jimi (Japanese: ジミー Jimī) is the youngest member of the Inferno Mercenary Guild of Unova.


Jimi is known for his white flat-cap given to him by his father and Jimi himself believes that this distinguishes him from most other Growlithe the most. Due to his young age, he is a little smaller in frame than the usual Growlithe. His tufts of fur are usually unkempt, much to his mother's chagrin; she does not hesitate to clean Jimi, even if it means doing it in front of his allies. How embarrassing!


Jimi possesses a grand lack of intelligence and an equally grand naiveté, which often causes him to run into situations without thinking things through as well as not fully understanding orders given to him. Added to the fact that he is one of, it not the most, stubborn and loud members of the Inferno Guild, Jimi can be quite the handful. Plagued with Myopia, Jimi also has issues respecting others' personal spaces as he usually stands close to whomever he is speaking to in order to actually be able to see said person. As is the case with other Growlithe, Jimi is loyal to his superiors; he will not hesitate to defend the Inferno Guild as well as his own friends outside of the guild. He is carefree and playful; when it comes down to it, he has no problem cheering others up with a smile of his own.


Guildmaster Infernape

There is a mutual respect between the Guildmaster of the Inferno Mercenary Guild and Jimi, but this mutual respect lays underneath a multitude of bickering. Old Flame Butt, as Jimi refers to him, can usually be heard berating Jimi for his foolishness and Jimi usually retorts with a quip usually pertaining to Infernape's appearance. It is very rarely that the two get along calmly, but Jimi has proven himself capable of following through with orders on many occasions and Infernape will always be thankful of Jimi's contributions.


Jimi idolizes his father Angelo, an Arcanine most known as Angelo the Gale to many Pokémon across the many regions of the world. Angelo's Extremespeed is said to rival that of a god's; his speed saved the lives of many Pokémon and humans for years. A former member of the Inferno Mercenary Guild, Angelo stepped down from his duties once Jimi was born to care for the pup for in his first few months of living. Even as a newborn, Jimi did his best to emulate his father. Once Jimi was old enough, Angelo thought it was best for Jimi to begin writing his own story. He gave Jimi his hat, stating that although Jimi is just learning how to deal with the world, Jimi is destined for greatness: the hat being a symbol of said greatness, Angelo having worn said hat throughout his whole Inferno Guild career. Although Angelo is not present in Jimi's life as much as he was during Jimi's infancy, Angelo does send Jimi letters monthly detailing his travels in other regions, promoting peace between Pokémon. Unfortunately, Jimi cannot read and eventually has someone else read these letters to him.


The partner of a wealthy Kanto based Pokémon Ranger, Marlena the Arcanine has been keeping the peace in the Pokémon world ever since she was a Growlithe. Due to her lavish and pampered upbringings, Marlena can be quite vain at times which embarrasses Jimi to no end. Marlena is aware of Jimi's feelings towards her so much that she purposely does her best to embarrass Jimi in front of his allies whenever she gets the chance to: whether its by licking Jimi's fur clean or tricking her son easily. She does love her son and was actually against sending Jimi off into the world at such a young age initially but after seeing Jimi's courageousness and selflessness firsthand, she eventually allowed it.


Kit happens to be Jimi's first friend that is around Jimi's age. At first Jimi thought of Kit as an annoyance, Jimi did not even take the time to remember Kit's name. Eventually, the two began seeing eye to eye although Jimi's scatter-brained attitude usually results in either confusing Kit or being amusing to her. Jimi and Kit traveled together for many months, getting to know each other more in the process. Many hurdles were pushed Kit's way but Jimi continues to do his best to cheer his friend up during bad times.


There isn't too much of a relationship between the ancient fox Flare and Jimi. Usually upsetting Kit, Jimi believes Flare to be a woman and a foolish woman at that. Jimi believes Kit's family as a whole to be foolish losers but saying this out loud only causes problems between Kit and Jimi so Jimi does his best to not talk about her family in that way, even though it comes out anyway. The two Pokémon once battled which of course ended in a loss for Jimi.



Jimi was born somewhere in Unova to Angelo and Marlena, two Arcanine known as heroes to many Pokémon and humans across the vast world. Even as a newborn puppy, Jimi was quite energetic but he did respect his parents deeply and to this day believes that they are the greatest creatures in the whole world. Unfortunately for Jimi, his loud and scatterbrained attitude did not create any good first impressions on Pokémon around him; Jimi had little-to-no friends. Although Pokémon either feared or respected his parents, they found Jimi intolerable and would only speak good of Jimi around his parents. Jimi himself was more concerned about living up to his mother and father's legacies but Marlena worried over Jimi's habits; Angelo assured her that this was just a part of growing up.

Once Jimi grew old enough, Angelo felt it was time to begin teaching his son. Marlena was completely against it, feeling as though she was not finished pampering her son. Jimi quickly accepted his father's wishes; Angelo and Marlena eventually coming to the agreement that Marlena be there to watch Jimi's progress. Much to the amazement of them both, Jimi was a quick learner; the young Growlithe even managed to use Close Combat, a move passed down from generation to generation in Angelo's family. It did not take long for Angelo to ask Jimi if the boy would like to join a Guild, just as he was in prior to his son's birth. Desperately wanting to be like his father, Jimi jumped at the opportunity but Marlena shut the decision down instantly. Marlena did not want Jimi to get hurt or end up losing Jimi during a difficult mission, so she did not allow Jimi to become a guild member. This ultimately resulted in Jimi running away from home in tears, feeling helpless. Unbeknownst to Jimi, Marlena and Angelo kept an eye on their son the whole time.

Jimi made his way to the Virbank Complex, meeting other young runaway Growlithe. At first they all attacked Jimi due to him trespassing on their territory but after realizing that Jimi did not run away from the attack and did not attempt to mortally wound them, they eventually accepted Jimi as one of their own. They lived in peace for a month up until a hoard of Magnemite began causing trouble for the nice workers that fed the Growlithe during their breaks. One of the younger Growlithe battled a few Magnemite in hopes of pushing them away but ended up being overpowered by the amount of Magnemite there and was left paralyzed. Infuriated, the other Growlithe decided to go at "war" with the Magnemite of the area. It was an easy victory for the Growlithe until a Magneton, a Pokémon not native of the complex, revealed itself. Although its typing caused it to be weak to fire, it overpowered most of the other Growlithe, Jimi somehow being the sole survivor. Jimi managed to chase the Magneton away from the complex so that it would not cause any more harm to his friends. The two Pokémon battled, and the Magneton itself was surprised that Jimi lasted so long in battle. Unfortunately, the battle ended once the Magneton launched a Zap Cannon Jimi's way.

When Jimi woke up, he was in a building that he did not seem to recognize. He was immediately greeted by an Infernape whom revealed that he was the Guildmaster of the Inferno Mercenary Guild, a guild that specialized in aiding other Pokémon Guilds. Behind the Infernape was Jimi's mother and father both overjoyed to see that their son was alive and well. It was then that Angelo and Marlena informed Jimi of them having watched Jimi ever since he left them, and Jimi seemed to have known the whole time, citing that he never felt lonely ever since leaving them. With Marlena finally giving her blessing, Jimi was officially registered as a member of the Inferno Guild and he would take part in many missions, proving his worth in every one of them.

Loosey Goosey Arc

In mid August of 2012, word got out that a Zangoose named Nack was causing trouble in Kanto. Other guilds were far too busy with other tasks and the Inferno Guild took it upon themselves to assign Jimi to find and capture Nack. To easily communicate with the guild, Infernape ordered Jimi to create a Twitter account and log his progress. While setting up wanted posters warning civilians of Nack, Jimi met Kit the Vulpix whom ran away from her family. After realizing that Jimi was a part of a guild, Kit decided that she would stick close to Jimi; she wished to meet with Jimi's superiors to join the guild as well. Eventually, Jimi agreed to this, and the two search together for the rogue Zangoose.

Their journey came to a pause once literally bumping into a Gothitelle, whom put Kit into a deep sleep in retaliation. Jimi did his best to fend Gothitelle off, but although the astral body Pokémon was burning, she did not leave until evaluating Jimi's strengths and weaknesses. Gothitelle later vanished, but Kit remained in this deep sleep until waking up after a few weeks in good spirits.


  • Jimi was given the name "Jimi" by his father. Jimi's mother did not approve of this being his actual name and coerced Angelo into allowing her to name her young pup "James Marshall." James Marshall Hendrix is the real name of famed musician Jimi Hendrix. But, the nick name "Jimi" was truly based on frontman Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz.
  • Jimi's father's name is based on Angelo Moore of the music group Fishbone. Jimi's mother's name is based on Marlena Shaw.
  • Jimi's flat-cap is based on the flat-cap worn by Kotetsu T. Kaburagi of Tiger & Bunny fame.
  • Jimi joined Twitter on August 23rd, 2012.
  • Jimi met Hyden prior to joining Twitter, when Hyden was a Buizel. They became instant rivals after a battle between the two of them resulted in a tie.
  •  ̄ー ̄ is Jimi's emoticon of choice, depicting the usual sly grin that Jimi flashes when speaking to others.
  • As answered in a #CharacterQuestion, Jimi has a fear of large eyes. Jimi suffers from nearsightedness and when seeing a human or Pokémon with large eyes from a distance, it appears to Jimi as two large mouths.
  • Variants of "Whoahohoho!", "What the heck?", and "Yup-yup!" are common catchphrases of Jimi's.
  • Jimi's theme song is The Fire, performed by The Roots featuring John Legend.