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Lickinton James Tung
Spr BW Veteran M.png
"I live to create crazy magikarp clones."
Species Super smart Lickitung
Age 23
Level 87
Types Epic Smart Normal
Gender M
Home Nibassa City, Unova
Trainer Wild
Carrying Exp. Share
Nature Unspecified

Lickinton James Tung

"Greetings, My name is Lickinton James Tung and if you are reading this, then you are the lucky person that came across my twitterdex page. Yes, I have one now. Every great mind in the universe must let the people know about his or her great scientific research. Well I do interesting things, but for now I shall introduce myself properly. My name is Prof. Lickinton James Tung, master in Quantum Physics and Genetic cloning. I hail from the beautiful town of celadon, where I stood out from the other, lickitung. They just wanted to lick, and I did not have the urge to lick at all. I wanted to create new things, unravell mysteries and clone magikarp. So that is what I do now. Ah, before I forget. Do you want some tea and biscuits? My virtual butler named Oak will get them for you, and yes it is a clone of professor oak."


Lab Assistants: -Professor Magicus Karpus. Has been my friend for sometime now. He only splashes though, but we can have meaningfull conversations. -Jabediah the magikarp. He was the first and only succesful clone. He now is alive for over two years. Showing signs of degeneration though. -Virtual Oak. Yes, it's a robot that looks like that obnoxious Prof. Oak. -Henk The Magikarp. He is the next line on the cloning list. -Dead clone 1-9215. Yeah, my prior test weren't exactly great.


Joined on: 26th of november, Earthyear 2010

He felt like sharing his clones with the world.

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