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Zombies are always a possibility when something goes wrong.
Species Dark Pokemon
Age 5-6
Level Uncertain
Types Dark-type.png Fire-type.png
Gender Male
Home Viridian City Gym
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

Accumulated information known about Houndour.


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Houndour was born into the wilds of Johto, and his parents placed him with a roaming pack of Houndour to learn how to survive. As such, he never actually knew his parents, and has no idea who they even are. What some might see as abandonment, Houndour sees as his parents doing what they knew was best for him by giving him an ideal environment to grow up in.

The Pack

Humans have noted that packs of Houndour work together like no other, and this was certainly true of his pack. As a young pup, Houndour learned to survive in the wild, work togher as a team with his packmates, steal food when necessary, sneak around to avoid notice, and pay close attention to his surroundings. Most important communication amongst the pack was done through body language and other non-verbal signals, especially when hunting prey or generally prowling around. Vocal communication was used mostly for filling in details, pointing things out, or telling stories.

As Houndour grew up, other pups joined the pack, seemingly also dropped off by their parents to learn the way of the world. Some of them had what would be considered "strange moves," something he'd noticed but never really cared much about. The pack was family, and that was what mattered.

Around the age of four, Houndour had come to take up a leadership position in the pack along with some of the older members, helping teach the younger pups and coordinate activities. Helping teach new family members how to survive, steal, and hide themselves was an important and enjoyable experience for him that he truly cherished.

The End of the Pack

Ultimately, the strong teamwork that made up Houndour's pack would be its downfall. Aside from general day to day survival activities, the pack often took up less necessary activities to help promote teamwork. There were often evening long trips out to human settled areas where the pack would run around, cause trouble, and practice stealing things before disappearing into the night and moving on. One of these events ended up really pissing off the local humans, and they organized a mob to chase after the pack. There was yelling, rocks being thrown, and while nobody was seriously hurt at the end of it all, it had become clear that the pack's activities were presenting a very real danger to the pups.

After everyone had regrouped from being chased by the mob, Houndour and some of the other older pack members made a hasty decision for the safety of the pups to dissolve the pack. Those still to young to care for themselves were left with some of the adults, and the rest quickly went their seperate ways to avoid the humans.

Valor Lakefront

Still very frightened by the experience, and upset about what he felt had to be done, Houndour ran off into the forest, trying to figure out a way to get away in case the humans came back. Running into an Abra, he begged to be taken somewhere safe, and found himself teleported to unfamiliar lands in the region of Sinnoh, near the Valor Lakefront. He found his way to the resort area, and spent the next year or so living there in seclusion, eating food out of the restaurant dumpsters, and generally just trying to survive without a pack.

He learned quite a bit about humans in that time from watching them, though always keeping his distance due to his growing dislike and distrust of them from the loss of his pack. Eventually he learned to type and, after stealing a tourist's laptop, found his way onto Twitter thanks to the resort's nearby wifi.

Early Days on Twitter

Houndour spent his early days on Twitter talking with other Pokemon, and generally not being very helpful. He complained a lot about water types, and often encouraged any electric types he saw to exercise their ability to electrocute any and all water types they saw. He also engaged in rather trollish behavior, attempting to get Pichu to cut himself, and giving other pokemon questionable suggestions for how to solve their problems. When not tweeting, he was usually running around burning bug types in the area, or digging in the dumpsters behind the restaurant at the Valor Lakefront to find food.

At one point while trying to figure out something horrible to do the tourists in the area, Houndour got the idea to create a giant flaming pit of gasoline. After realizing he was unsure of how to get the materials for it, he asked for advice from some of the other pokemon, and accidentally ingested a large amount of gasoline due to tweeting while siphoning gas out of a car. He spent the rest of the day complaining about water types distracting him while he was working and uncomfortably vomiting out gasoline into the lake.

Finding his Packmates

At one point, Houndour disappeared for over a week without notice. During this time, he had tracked down an Abra to teleport him to Johto so he could try and track down some of his old pack members. Details are limited on how the trip went, but he has since mentioned meeting up with most of his packmates, and he returned knowing Solarbeam from a TM given to him by "an old friend" who had stolen it.

Last Days at Lake Valor

After Houndour returned, things returned to normal for him. However, after a while, he started experimenting with Solarbeam, and went on a short trip across Sinnoh to find out of the way locations to test out using it to take out water pokemon from long range. While the initial results were somewhat lacking, he later engaged in his last major act at Lake Valor, involving much use of Nasty Plot and a high powered Solarbeam that effectively nuked all the water out of Lake Valor. The resulting chain of events later became known as the Lake Valor Incident, and in the aftermath of his unfortunate run in with Azelf, Houndour was brought to the Viridian City Gym by Buizels to recover from injury and the resort was temporarily shut down.