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Trapinch h.png
Passionate learner. Also goes by "Honky", "Briffy", and "Honcle".
Species Trapinch
Age 10
Level 8
Types Ground-type.png
Gender Male
Home Shiro Village
Trainer Wild
Carrying None
Nature Timid

Art courtesy of this person.


Honclbrif is simply a Trapinch with no distinct features. Though his eye may gleam a little more often.

Personality & Physique

Honclbrif is an obsessive, introverted, yet humble type who constantly spends his days minding his own studies and studying. He is quite intelligent for his age, but lacks physically. A fight may do him over in an instant, which is room for bullying and teasing. Overall, he's a nice individual who strives to one day become a researcher for the village. The taoicite in particular deeply interests him. His ideology in advancing Shiro Village often makes him look to be a very radical youth.


  • Bide

Of course, all that frustration has to go somewhere.

  • Sand Attack

Ever heard of pocket sand? This is just like that, but without pockets.

  • Feint Attack

Honky slams his opponent with his head after carefully assessing whether violence is the right answer or not (it is).

  • Bulldoze

I would advise against using this move in your own home.