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Lauren Alexandria Wilhelm
Lauren by Grey.jpg
Lauren & her beloved ghost-type Taunter
Age 23
Gender Female
Home Oldale, Hoenn
Pokemon captured Quite a good number over the years.


[Underconstruction; the player is feeling a lil' lazy~]

Life as a Trainer

All things considered, Lauren has had a fairly average life as a Pokémon Trainer. She started out at the age of 10 with Taunter (then a gastly) and the typical dreams of conquring every gym and becoming a champion. Her initial team was a hodge-podge of "cute" or "small" Pokémon that appealed to her younger tastes (and then later on evolved into larger forms, to her utter surprise): gastly, kirlia, aron, skitty, wingull, and an eevee.

It took her a grand total of two years and a lot of training to gain the eight badges of Hoenn, but by this point the long hours of training had taken a bit of a toll; instead of taking the league straight on, Lauren returned home to Oldale to spend time with her parents and catch up on the years at home she had missed.

Pokémon training went on a vacation for the next few years until, on her seventeenth birthday, the young psychic met up with her uncle, Raphael Drakeson, for the first time in her life. His gift of a Dawn Stone and explanation of kirlia's evolution, gallade, spurred the teen to return to training. She left the next week with Raphael for Sinnoh.

Although Lauren isn't as gung-ho now as she had been in her youth, she still doesn't mind a good battle every now and then. Her team certainly would enjoy more challengs, however.

Current Team


Taunter.png Taunter is Lauren's oddly-hued starter, having been a wee gastly that tagged along with her the night she ran away from home to become a Trainer. He's been by her side all these years, beating up other Pokémon and scaring folks left and right. He's not a big bad scary Haunter as much as he'd prefer, thanks to an on-going agreement with his Trainer, but the old ghost still has a frightening streak to his personality.


Regnorik.png Regnorik was one of the next Pokémon Lauren acquired on her initial journey through Hoenn. Captured as a wee Ralts, he's quietly been by the psychic's side all this time, honing his own abilities and blades and politely interacting with whoever will bother to acknowledge him. As a Gallade, he lives up to the Pokédex entries about being the "perfect gentleman".


Sparx.png Sparx was stolen from an eevee breeder visiting Hoenn by Taunter's "hand", as the ghost/poison-type wanted to please his "Kiddo" with the expensive rare creature she couldn't buy at the time. When Lauren tried to return him, the little eevee refused to stay left behind and snuck off after her to be reluctantly kept. Since then he's evolved into a speedy little Jolteon who takes delight in slamming into objects just to stick into them.


Vladimir.png As a gligar, Vladimir was captured during Lauren's travels through Sinnoh, and eventually he evolved into a gliscor. He's fun-loving and easy-going, and he frequently enjoys playing card games with Taunter.


Terrathus.png Terrathus was Lauren's eighteenth-birthday gift from Raphael, which he apparently spent "both arms and legs" on just to buy the turtwig. Over the years he's served everything from "the tank of the team" to being a perch for Lauren and the smaller Pokemon to rest on. He's slow and relaxed, certainly not minding what harmless acts go on around him thanks to the rest of the team.


Kalinka.png This serious, stern glalie is an old relic from Lauren's original team. She was captured in a northern cavern in Hoenn and spent her years in the Wilhelm house helping Mrs. Wilhelm with chores. Recently Lauren has reintroduced her to battling again, and the now-glalie is more than happy to join the others in challenging battles.

Houndour Egg

Houndour egg.png To Lauren's surprise, Cyrus has recently allowed her to have a houndour egg his own houndoom created. What the little houndour will be like when it hatches has yet to be seen, but the Trainer anxiously awaits the day it starts hatching.


Lauren, thanks to a long line of psychics before her, has abilities of her own she occasionally makes known to others. Predominately she is a telekinetic and psychokinetic user with a bit of telepathy on the side. Her abilities aren't powerful, but they do have practicality behind them. It's pretty easy to see when they're in use; a green aura of psychic energy that looks like a fire flares up into view.



Lauren doesn't have the best relationship with her parents anymore; they consider her no more than the person who'll eventually make the next generation of powerful psychics for the family tree, and she in turn considers them to be stuck up closeted jerks.

  • Samuel Charles Wilhelm is Lauren's father. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, he prides himself in his ability to manipulate others emotions for his own gain; it helps that he can hypnotize people and empathicly sense their emotions. Samuel works as a banker in Petalburg and has a small team of his own, although he dislikes battles considerably.
  • Katrina Diana Wilhelm is Lauren's quiet-natured, garden-loving mother. She has clairvoyant abilities that are the extent of her powers. Her only Pokemon is a shiny roselia who enjoys tending to the flowers growing all around the Wilhelms' yard.

Other family members

Unlike her relationship with her parents, Lauren has a very loving relationship with her Uncle Raphael, and a somewhat decent relationship with her grandparents.

  • Raphael Drakeson is Lauren's uncle on her mother's side and is one of the few people in the family who has no abilities of his own. She occasionaly lives with him in Canalave, where he takes care of his own small team and works as an assistant librarian full-time. Raphael doesn't always approve of his niece's adventures yet strives to be supportive of her to a certain degree.

The folks on twitter

Being recently introduced to Twitter has in turn caused Lauren to meet a whole plethora of folks, both famous and not.