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Hippo Po Tasses
Species Hippopotas
Age 2
Level 25
Types Ground-type.png
Gender Male
Home Ruin Maniac's Cave
Trainer Wild
Nature Unspecified

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Born in Ruin Maniac's cave and raised by Golbats going in and out of the cave, Hippopatas had the power to whip up sandstorms from birth. He can create sand castles with his mind, and intense sandstorms inside peaceful buildings.


  • Sandstorm- Since Sand Stream is a battle technique, and Hippopatas hasn't "purely" focused it, he'll use Sandstorm to wreak havoc anywhere.
  • Sand Tomb- Traps Hippotass's foes in a tomb so they can't run away like a pussy. Useful for maniacal Sandstorm torture.
  • Bite- Sinks his teeth into a sammich, or some ham.


Being raised by Golbats, Hippopotas got a fairly awful education; he was taught a little bit about the real world, but only by overhearing snippets of the older Crobat's conversations. Hippopotas has to discover things for himself, like what's a tree, and why you can't use Sandstorm in a crowded hospital or why you're being put in a cage.


Hippopotas knows absolutely nothing about his real family, but presumably his family consists of numerous Golbats.