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Species Hippopotas
Age ???
Level 21
Types Ground-type.png
Gender Male
Home Sinnoh
Trainer Niz
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

I'm not just a run of the mill Hippopotas. I was raised in a sand patch near the ocean of Sinnoh, so I actually got used to being around water and swimming in it. Most Hippopotas's cannot swim, but I seem to have the ability. I am level 21 and male. I am also a well known PokeRapper. I know a wild Rhyhorn who came all the way from Kanto to help me with my hip-hop skills. Sometimes I am a jerk, but that's only because I am not the smartest Hippopotas and I like laughing at random Pokemon. For the most part I tend to be friendly and I always enjoy being around new Pokemon, especially if they like Hippos. My favourite berry is the Pecha Berry. It's so sweet and scrumptious for my huge belly. I like to go on creepy and unusual adventures, such as exploring caves and forbidden places. I will bring any Pokemon along, no matter the type or attitude. I also like letting little Pokemon ride on my big back. Pokemon who laugh at me are bum bum heads.

My trainer is a girl named Niz. She takes quite good care of me, and feeds me my favourite foods, and even lets me ride on her back. She is a bit on the peculiar side, but a convenient addition to any team.