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Hilbert Black
Age 17
Gender Male
Home Nuvema Town, Unova
Pokemon captured Oshawott, Joltik, Munna, Braviary, Darumaka

Hilbert is a trainer from Nuvema Town who is currently traveling the region Unova and challenging the Unova league. He is a mixture of all Canons.


Born and raised by his mom in Nuvema Town, Hilbert grew up with an admiration of Pokémon. He grew up with his three best friends Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca. Together they had many wacky adventures and mishaps, which they usually bring up, to stop each other from doing something stupid. Hilbert is usually known to have gotten arrested many times while he was younger, mostly for ridiculous reasons. After graduating Trainer School, Hilbert, along with the others, went on their journeys to become a Pokémon Champion.


Hilbert is known as being “hot head” by others due to his loud nature and the fact that he’s so overconfident. He’s very impulsive, and doesn’t take his time to think about things, which leads him into hectic situations. He’s also known as a dreamer, which causes him to not pay attention most of the time. People may think he isn’t smart because of this, but in truth he is. He recently caught a Munna to help with this problem. Hilbert does have some good traits. He’s very caring, and tends to look out for those in trouble. He loves Pokémon, and anything to do with them. He’s also very determined person.


Hilbert has been best friends with Hilda, Cheren, and Bianca through his childhood. He seems to have a brother/sister relationship with Hilda, as the two are almost always seen bickering. Cheren is like Hilbert’s big brother. He normally calls out Hilbert’s flaws, causing Hilbert to push harder. He has recently become close friends with N, and has become somewhat friends with Akami.

League Achievements

  • Unova League
    • Trio Badge
    • Basic Badge
    • Insect Badge


554.png Darumaka [Kong]

(Gender: Male, Ability: )