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User:Pichu:So apparantly People have been having trouble setting up pages so this is what i'm going to do. Here's a Help Page to put pictures up in Human, Pokemon, and Plot Page.
so this is what you have to do

Upload A Photo

If you want a Photo your page here's the steps to do it

Step 1

Find the photo. It can be anything. But remember, Pokemon is a rated E game, so no X rated stuff. Even though most, if not all of us, who are role playing are 16 and older, that can't be said for some random little kid seeing our site. Save it to your computer and go on to step 2.

Step 2

Click to the "Upload File" link under the menu Tool box. Once there, click browse and look for your picture. You have the choice to edit what your picture description and name can say

*NOTE: there can only be one picture for each name. So technically speaking there can't be
two pictures named Pichu.png

If the name is already taken it would tell and you and note that if you upload the pic it would erase the old one, which might cause major mess ups with other pages using the picture.

Step 3

now to put it on your page. Get the picture name and remember or copy it. now here comes the code mumbo jumbo. here's the code [[File:Example.jpg]] where Example.jpg is the picture name

  • the good/bad is that this will display the picture at full resolution(full size)

[[File:Example.jpg|200px|thumb|left|alt text]] is what you should use most of the time since it makes the picture small enough to work with

* it's good because you're able replace "alt text" with anything you want and it'll appear under
the picture