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"I've got Mama's attitude and Papa's looks! Or so they tell me!"
Species Moonlight Pokémon
Age 1
Level 22
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Male
Home Mom and Dad's cave!
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Docile

"All I want is to make mom and dad proud."

Hello misters and misses! My name is Liam and uh.. this is my page! So, gosh.. feel free to look around! I'll put some things about myself here too!


Well, mama's a Glaceon and daddy's an Umbreon! I'm the older brother, too! My sister's name is Macayla. She's pretty funny sometimes, but she's still really little. Everyone does a real good job taking care of each other, and I think we have the best family of all-time!

Something I really like doing is making pictures! At first I just colored with crayons but daddy got me an art set, and I use it lots! I like to draw almost anything new I find and draw or paint it! I want to become the best artist ever someday!


Mama and daddy always tell me that I'm a good big brother and stuff, but sometimes I get into fights with Macayla and even daddy. But they are never really bad fights. I don't always throw fits either! In fact I almost never do! And I'm usually really... uh.. cheerful! Yeah, that's the word!



Quick Attack

Feint Attack



Liam is a slightly smaller Umbreon for now, having evolved quite young. The notches in his ears and tail are still prevalent, though not as much as they were when he was an Eevee. And of course, he does maintain his dexterous paws that he's inherited from his mother, acting more like fingers than traditional canine paws.

Other Facts

Liam has gained his human-like ability to paint from his mother's exceptional dexterity

His birthday is February 1st

His ability is Synchronize