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Xyghzan (But most know him by Heatran)
The next best thing to god.
Species Heatran
Age As old as the Earth itself.
Level 100
Types Fire-type.png Steel-type.png
Gender Male
Home Stark Mountain
Trainer Wild
Carrying Stolen laptop
Nature Unspecified

Heatran, the legendary fire/steel pokemon. Heatran is the first and last of his kind, born out of a volcano from the flames of Earth's core at the planet's dawning. Until the advent of Twitter, Heatran spent his days mostly alone and aloof, with the occasional love interest he was destined to outlive.


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To detail Heatran's full history would be an exercise in futility. Even he has forgotten most of the minor details and some of the major ones. What is known is that Heatran is charged as the first and last line of defense for the planet and, more importantly to him, pokemon. If you were to ask him, he drew the short straw when it came to legendaries. However, he shoulders his responsibilities well at most times.

Heatran is one of the few gendered legendary pokemon. Unfortunately for him, this allows him to fall in love. More times than he would care to remember has he taken to himself a great love, only to watch ageless and helpless as they wilt away. His long years have yet to remove his capacity for caring, for the death of those he holds dear weigh heavily on him.

For a long stretch of time, Heatran shunned making any connections to anyone. Instead he watched alone in his cave as the human plague grew stronger and began enslaving his people. This engendered a great hatred of humans in him. However his hate is not blinding, and while he thinks nothing of killing any adult trainer foolish enough to think to tame him, he will not use his great power to wipe them out.

Also, never in his life has he ever met any Ninetales whatsoever period ever.


Heatran has the wisdom of his years and is always more than ready to share it with those he cares about. He is quick to become consider other pokemon his friends and become protective of them. He has great love for his friends, and is willing to do anything within reason for them, even letting the doomsday clock tick ever nearer to midnight in deference to their feelings. This is why he sealed himself away, he no longer wished to make any connections so as not to have to lose anyone again. Twitter has drawn him out of his shell once more.

He uses the term "young one" to refer to those he has respect for. He uses the word "child" as a derogatory term.

Psych Profile

Heatran is much like the planet he is avatar to. On the surface he appears calm and friendly. Indeed he is. However, while capable of the full range, there are two great burning emotions that make up the core of Heatran's character: Rage and Guilt.

Rage for him is the most powerful motivator, and guilt his greatest weakness. When feeling guilty, Heatran turns all his great rage inward. That much rage focused inside of someone can have awful physical and mental affects.



Heatran is one of the many targets of Banette's jabs. After spending a time rebuffing and then ignoring the ghost, Heatran took something Bellsprout said and now plays the same little games as Banette when speaking to him. The two are "friends."


After his mental break down, Bellsprout was there to talk to and comfort Heatran. Over time she was able to bring him back to his usual state of mind. After she paid a visit to his Volcano, something no one in recent times has ever had PERMISSION to do, Heatran confessed that he had fallen for her.


Giovanni represents to Heatran everything wrong with the human race. As such, Heatran despises him and the feeling seems mutual.


Heatran has a great amount of respect for Houndour. In many areas their views are similar if not the same.

Move Set

If he weren't a filthy cheater the four moves he would use in official battles would be:

Metal Sound

Type: Steel
Function: Status
Effect: Metal Sound lowers the target's Special Defense by two stages.

Earth Power

Type: Ground
Function: Special
Power: 90
Effect: Has a 10% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense stat by one stage.

Magma Storm

Type: Fire
Function: Special
Power: 120
Effect: Magma Storm traps the target in pillars of fire for 2-5 turns and inflicts damage at the end of each turn. If the user of Magma Storm is holding a Grip Claw, the duration of Magma Storm is always 5 turns.

Flash Canon

Type: Steel
Function: Special
Power: 80
Effect: Has a 10% chance of lowering the target's Special Defense stat by one stage.
Obtained: Nicked the TM off a dead trainer

Special Abilities

It is unimportant what normal Pokemon moves Heatran actually knows. He admits to the fact that, as far as actual Pokemon skills go, he is only above average. In battle, Heatran is prone to cheating his ass off, drawing upon his abilities as avatar of Earth's core to flood the battlefield in magma.