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Species starly
Types Flying-type.png Normal-type.png
Gender Male
Home _Charizard_'s head
Trainer Wild
Carrying so much poison
Nature Unspecified

Full of so much poison. Don't eat him you'll hurt you'll die he'll kill kill kill you with all of his poison everyone wants to kill him so he is poison now and his eggs got eaten they ate his eggs there will never be any birds ever again they ate them.




  • Unique skills:
  • Moveset (used):
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
    • DEATH
    • Everyone tries to eat me they always try to eat me
    • Every day and it is crazy I don't know I have so much poison


It was cold so cold there was a thing a window a house I found it there were things inside there was a big a _Charizard_ his head is so warm there is a nest It can be a nest there are eggs there but he they killed them and ate them they ate the eggs they ate them there are no birds now.


A million a million years ago the poison it there is so much poison I drink all of the poison I can it keeps me alive forever and ever and I am so good at flying the best

Life and Twitter

Every day is terror there are so many so many things try to eat every day and I can't eat them they are big so much bigger they could eat me but I would poison there I would poison all of them forever I would poison them to death and they would die die die die but the poison can't kill me I live because there is so much poison everywhere.


There is a thing a box a house I live in a house but I hid in the things the up things the beam things and there are. There are THINGS there are animals they want they try to eat me they're coming all of the time constant vigilance I am strong so strong


It is all poison there is so much of it get tired sometimes I have to find to get more to the trees to get more poison to drink it so no one can kill me because I have to live forever and ever and ever there are no other birds there are terrible things there are biting things they want to eat to kill me to eat me and kill me did you see them I have to hide to hide to hide away to get out the cold I have to stay it is getting cold.

Full of Sound and Fury

Signifying nothing