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Gold Wakaba
Gold of New Bark
Age 21 (maybe)
Gender Male
Home New Bark Town
Pokemon captured Explotaro, Ataro, Politaro, Utaro, Suntaro, Totaro, Pichu, Murktaro, Mantaro, 20 Remoraid, many others

Gold is the main Pokémon trainer and Pokédex Holder from the Johto arc of the Pokemon Adventures manga. His rivals and teammates are Crystal and Silver. He is a well-meaning and carefree, but often immature and mischievous, boy and now man from New Bark Town. He grew up surrounded by and caring for Pokémon his entire life, and has developed a very strong affinity for raising them. Because of this, Professor Oak considers him the Breeder or Hatcher of the Pokédex Holders, due to his ability to draw out unparalleled potential in a newly hatched Pokémon.

Besides his interest in Pokémon breeding, battling, games of chance, zesty twists on classic comfort foods and radical world saving, he's also a Pokéthlon enthusiast.

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Previous Adventures

Gold left on his journey originally intending to return home shortly, after leaving with Joey to meet Professor Oak and, more importantly, DJ Mary. He met Silver at Professor Elm's lab soon after, and he vowed to chase after the then criminal, and ended up getting sucked into a battle alongside Silver and Crystal against the Mask of Ice, who they eventually defeated and ended up trapping inside Celebi's time traveling dimension.

He later traveled to the Hoenn Battle Frontier with Crystal to assist the Hoenn Pokédex Holders in beating the villain Guile Hideout, who was later revealed to be Archie of Team Aqua. Gold initially didn't reveal his presence at the Frontier, until he was unmasked as being a fake Guile Hideout, attempting a bizarre plan to confuse Guile's Pokémon. During the incident, Gold tried to inspire Emerald to find the confidence in himself to claim one of Jirachi's wishes, and worked with the other the Pokédex Holders to hold off and eventually defeat the giant energy monster that Archie had summoned.

In the HeartGold SoulSilver chapter of the manga, Gold became involved in a plot surrounding Lance, the new Team Rocket leaders, Arceus and the Type Plates. After sweeping the Pokethlon challenges, out playing some of the Kanto Elite Four and defeating Lance's Dragonite, he decided to intervene on behalf of Professor Oak. With the help of Bugsy, he tracked a rampaging Arceus down and fought the massive Pokemon head on in an effort to prove himself to it. After proving himself pure of heart and following the god Pokemon to the Sinjoh Ruins, he fought and defeated the new Team Rocket leaders alongside Silver and Crystal, destroying a newly created trio of Giratina, Dialga and Palkia in the process.


Gold is a usually very friendly and charitable towards people and Pokemon, though he has childish tendencies to act mean, selfish, and even juvenilely spiteful at times. It's because of this behaviour that he's earned himself large amounts of friends as well as enemies, both serious and social.

Gold tries to maintain a close relationship all the Pokédex Holders. He always tries to remain best friends with Silver, though they could described as frenemies at times. Gold and Silver enjoy tormenting each other, which can often turn cold and angry due to their ability to hit each other's deep emotional nerves. He's a constant friend/ally Silver's lifelong companion, Green, because the two share similar less-than-noble hobbies. Although Gold doesn't talk to his mentor and close friend, Red, as much as he used to, he still remains very attached to him.

He is also very close to his counterparts from other parts of the Pokemon franchise. Mostly Ethan and Jimmy. Our Gold would often insist that all Gold, and Gold spin-off, characters on Twitter form a band together, which was typically called "The Golden Standard", often with Ethan playing bass, Jimmy on drums, and Gold playing guitar.

Gold has ended up in a long list of romantic relationships over the last few years, which makes it hard for him to take relationships seriously. Among these was a long on-and-off-again relationship with Marley, as well as shorter-lived relationships with Whitney, Jasmine, Fantina, and others.

A few years ago, Gold started a relationship with his long-time friend and companion, Crystal, and though the two cooled off for a year or so, they're now back together and in a more serious relationship than Gold had ever considered. Despite this hesitation, he's committed to her as both his best friend and his, not to use the word lightly, soulmate


Gold has befriended and trained Pokémon of many species, the majority of which live at his mother's house. Besides from wild and traded Pokemon that Gold has partnered with, he has, at one time or another lived with or raised every kind of Baby Pokémon discovered. When travelling outside of New Bark, typically takes along the Pokémon that have been with him since his journey began more than ten years ago.

Main team
ExplotaroBattle.png Explotaro

Explotaro was Gold's starter Pokémon from Elm ,received from Elm as he set out to bring Silver to justice at the beginning of his first adventure. He's is the powerhouse of Gold's team, and focuses on Fire-type moves like Flame Wheel, Fire Punch, Flamethrower and the legendary Blast Burn. Occasionally, when in a pinch, Gold and Explotaro will travel across land for long distances with Gold riding on Explotaro's back.

AtaroBattle.png Ataro

Ataro was Gold's first Pokémon and is the most like him in personality. He's very mischievous and playful, just like Gold. He specializes in moving very fast and boosting his team through confusing the opponent or increasing his stats then Baton Passing to a stronger fighter. He evolved in the HGSS arc, by training in Ecruteak while Gold took in the Kimono Sisters' show.

PolitaroBattle.png Politaro

Just like Ataro, Gold has had Politaro since a very young age, being one of the two Pokémon he started out on his journey originally with. Politaro wanted to become a Poliwrath eventually, but ended up evolving into a Politoed because of a trade with Silver. He has an extraordinary amount of skill in controlling water, able to manipulate powerful whirlpools, and has strengths in many Fighting-based attacks such as Brick Break or Focus Punch.

UtaroBattle.png Utaro

Gold found and captured Utaro during a race against Whitney. It has brutally high Attack and Defense stats, and can go toe-to-toe against the toughest opponents.

SuntaroBattle.png Suntaro

Suntaro was captured near Violet City, when Gold needed his amazing jumping abilities to launch Explotaro, then a Cyndaquil, high into the air to take out a raging Skarmory. He isn't strong at fighting or defending, so his main use on the team is as support.

TotaroBattleHGSS.png Totaro

Hatched from an egg from Jasmine's two Togetic, Totaro is a handful for Gold, mostly since he took after Gold's rasher tendencies when he hatched. He loves causing Gold trouble, and has a penchant for gambling. Blue took Totaro in for training, and Totaro has been much more reasonably behaved after. Though, he's still maintained much of his sudden and violent tendencies. Totaro evolved twice sometime near the battle with Arceus, after Gold finally fully realized his strength.

PichuBattle.png Pichu

Pichu was hatched during Gold's battle against The Mask of Ice, and shares Gold's courageous spirit and quick thinking, while having access to very powerful Electric-type attacks, as well as a strong affinity with the Legendary Beast Raikou. It's partly because of the connection between these two Pokémon that Gold sometimes searches for Raikou, in order to allow them to be reunited. Pichu uses the Twitter account Super_Rising to run his mouth about how great he is and what things he shouldn't be eating.

RemoraidBattle.png Mantaro and the Remoraid

This is Gold's primary method of transportation besides his skateboard. The twenty Remoraid attach to the underside of Gold's Mantine, and propel it by firing their Water Gun, and sometimes other moves, backwards. Because it relies on twenty combined Special Attack stats instead of a Speed stat, it can be an extremely fast means of getting around in the air.

Gold has a Murkrow, nicknamed Murktaro, given to him by Grey, and a small gang of baby Pokemon that he's breed and hatched, to compliment the Pokemon in the house that he grew up with.

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He has changed his Twitter username from Special_Gold to Breeder_Gold, REAL_Guile, then to Hatcher_Gold.