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"I have done so many great things."
Species Lightning Pokémon
Age 4
Level 89
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Male
Home What
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Hasty

"I wanna be the very bestest because I know I can if I try."

Hello oh gosh speaking in front of tons of peoples is not something I am good at but here goes I guess uh. I am Zip and I am the fastest ever and I am becoming a legendary Jolteon even though it is hard work and-- oh my before story? Uh, sure I can tell you that I guesses.


Mommy and daddy were hippies or something so I never gots to see them that much especially because of all the running everywhere. I was and always am the bestest at it for your information. Anyway I was running so much I could basically find anything and one day I found a rock that turned me into a bullet for Christmas and now I am still a bullet watch me ZOOOOOM.


...Oh gosh sorry I have to stay and say more uh I also made friends with a pretty kitty and her name is Viva and she is pretty cool yeah I think so. She is so cool we made another kitty together but this one is a boy and we call him Felix and he makes me a very happy daddy yeah. Oh and I am still getting faster and stronger so watch out world.


I AM THE NICES-- okay definitely one of the nicest if you catch my drift yeah I am a good Jolteon okay? I think a lot of things do not trust me but maybe because my fast is too much to handle woah. Yeah that is probably it.


Double Kick



Quick Attack


Zip is a slightly smaller-than-average Jolteon, entirely due to how early his evolution occurred. Despite this, his muscular structure is well-defined because of his extensive training. His coat is always soft and usually properly maintained. He has a very animated face, expressing a lot of his emotions visually rather than verbally, though the latter may still play a part.

Other Facts

His birthday is October 1st

His speed is uncharacteristic of Jolteon, and he has broken the sound barrier a few times, though not without great injury to himself

He hates fighting unnecessarily, but will not hesitate if need be

His ability is Quick Feet