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I wore gothic lolita before it was cool.
Species Manipulate Pokémon
Age 17
Level 34
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender Female
Home Unova
Trainer Wild
Carrying A small brown "Survival Satchel" full of Leftovers
Nature Modest

Gothorine is a Gothorita that roams around the Unova Region due to her ever growing interest of travelling.


Gothorine is thought to be shy and submissive, however that is proven to be false. She is a sneaky, sly and somewhat sarcastic Gothorita, as she takes advantage and manipulates Pokémon. Whenever she meets a new Pokémon, she flatters them up to the point where she is able to befriend them (and then later, betray them). As one of Gothorita's PokéDex entry says, "They use hypnosis to control people and Pokémon. Tales of Gothorita leading people astray are told in every corner." She takes advantage of her psychic powers and often shaves off other Pokémon's fur as fabric to make clothes or blankets.


As a Gothita

When Gothorine was still a Gothita, she was raised with her two older sisters (one being a Gothitelle and one being a Gothorita). She was described as a troublemaker, due to her relying on her psychic powers rather relying on others. Gothorine and her sisters lived in a Hidden Grotto located at Route 9. One day, when Gothorine left the grotto to search for berries, she was attacked by a Liepard, which she soon figured out the Liepard belonged to a Trainer. She tried fleeing from battle, but to no avail. In the end, she was captured by the Trainer.

Interest in fashion

Gothorine lived with her Trainer in Castelia City. She described her Trainer to be unfashionable as she did not wear clothes that flattered her body figure and did not "work" the right hairstyle. Much to Gothorine's distaste, she decides to help her Trainer dress up in a more suitable fashion, only to succeed in the end. From that moment on, Gothorine took an interest in fashion and design. She learned how to sew and what kind of materials matched well comparing to others. Two months later, she evolved into a Gothorita.


Gothorine's Trainer decides to release Gothorine, the reason being she was being replaced on the team with an incredibly horrendous looking and smelling Pokémon that shall never be named. Gothorita dismisses the thought of being replaced and says that she does not need a Trainer as she can take care of herself. She later decides to travel the Unova Region to expand her horizons and experience the sense of adventure.



Bandit is a male Zorua that Gothorine befriended in late December of 2012. Gothorine met Bandit while he was disguised as Gothorita. As they settled in a Hidden Grotto to stay for the night, Bandit returned to his normal Zorua form telling her she was tricked. That resulted Gothorine flattering him and then lulling him to sleep. Later, she gave him a "furcut" and fled to Nimbasa City. A few minutes later, as Bandit woke up, he was furious with what Gothorine did and manages to hightail her to Nimbasa, using his strong sense of smell. For a short period of time, the two called it truce and explored Nimbasa City together. They are known to be partners in crime, as the two often steal things from the humans, such as berries and other food. Bandit would sniff out the food and distract the humans while Gothorine uses Psychic to steal the food and sometimes, their belongings. Gothorine often describes him as a sweet but very hasty and impatient Zorua.


  • Gothorine's birthday is on November 2 and her Zodiac Sign is a Scorpio.
  • Gothorine's moveset is Psychic, Thief, Shadow Ball and Attract. Her ability is Frisk.
  • Gothorine admires the Sewaddle Evolutionary Line because of their ability to produce silk and their skill to weave clothes for Pokémon.
  • Gothorine often ridicules the humans trying to portray gothic lolita fashion, as she only thinks that she and her evolutionary line are the only ones who can pull it off well.
  • Gothorine tends to use big words and refuses to speak in what she calls "a barbaric manner". (However, to let other Pokémon know what she is saying, she tries her best to talk with small words.)

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