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Tomorrow's calling for you, can you hear it too?
Age 19
Gender Male
Home Alola
Pokemon captured (check in Table of Contents)

Gladion (Japanese: グラジオ Gladio) is the son of Lusamine and heir to the Aether Foundation. He was formerly known as Team Skull's Enforcer.



During his childhood, because he was homeschooled and has never been around children that were around his age (excluding Lillie), Gladion often spoke in a formal tone. He was described as a pretentious/grandiloquent person, often using complex words even when it was unnecessary. As much as he was polite, he was also brash. He only shows off that side when he is annoyed or bothered by something.


Gladion remains to be blunt and somewhat distant to others. However, he has started to warm up to others, expressing a bit of more emotion than before. As of lately, he tries to make the effort to smile more often. When he is comfortable around a certain person or a certain group of people, he often acts like a (in the nicest term possible) "know-it-all". Even though he has warmed up to others, he misinterprets humour and sarcasm, often taking it as the truth sometimes.


  • Gladdy (only used by Moon)
  • Edgy



Gladion was born in Lumiose City in the Kalos Region. His parents, Mohn and Lusamine, were both well-known scientists in Kalos. Shortly after when Lillie was born, he and his family moved to the Alola Region. Upon their arrival, they created an organization called the "Aether Foundation". The main goal of this organization was focused on the preservation of hurt and abandoned Pokémon. Since Gladion was around Pokémon at a young age, he found it easy to befriend and understand Pokémon over people.

Growing up in Aether

Since Gladion was the eldest child and the heir to Aether, he often had to set up a good example in order to maintain the professional image of not only for the foundation, but for his family. Ever since his father, Mohn, disappeared, he noticed Lusamine had been behaving strangely ever since his disappearance. Aether's Branch Chief, Faba, would be the one to blame, due to the fact he successfully manipulated Lusamine when she was poisoned. Because of this, Faba was the one who told Lusamine to run tests and experiment on Gladion, making him a test subject.

Past adventures

See Gladion for information.



Ever since childhood, after Mohn's disappearance, Gladion took it upon herself to play a father figure role for her. Because of this, Gladion is very protective of Lillie, up to the point where he can sometimes go overboard. He deeply cares for his sister and always wants the best for her.

Once Lillie began her adventure in Kanto, he gave her the third Type:Null. To this day, their relationship is strong and the two often try their best to call one another.


Before Mohn's disappearance, Gladion's relationship was Lusamine was strong, similar to his bond with Lillie. At a young age, he was a "mama's boy" and always tried his best to make her proud during his performances. (Which sometimes lead her to be overly enthusiastic, resulting Gladion getting embarrassed.)

Once Lusamine was cured of Nihilego's poison, the two slowly began to rebuild their relationship. A few months later after rebuilding, the two are revealed to be very supportive of each other. Another thing that should be known is that despite the formal and mature image they show off in public, the two often crack jokes at one another.


On hand

  • Silvally
  • Crobat
  • Weavile
  • Lucario

In Aether Paradise

  • Rowlet (received as a gift from Moon), nicknamed Selene
  • Porygon-Z
  • Lycanroc (midnight form)

Given away

  • Alolan Meowth, nicknamed Berlioz


  • Gladion's full name is Gladion Iridio Altair.
  • Gladion's birthday is on March 1.
  • Gladion speaks in a strong English/posh accent despite him and his family migrating from Kalos. Because he was born in Kalos, he is fluent in Kalosian (French).
  • Gladion is talented in singing, as he is able to reach high notes with ease. He is also able to belt out notes without cracking/straining his voice.
  • Gladion's favourite video game is a tie between Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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