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Species Gengar
Age Unknown
Level 90
Types Ghost-type.png Poison-type.png
Gender Male
Home Old Chateau
Trainer Wild
Carrying Wine
Nature Unspecified

Recent Tweets

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Fact Sheet


  • Shadow Ball
  • Dark Pulse
  • Hypnosis
  • Nightmare


  • Instilling fear
  • Attention and sympathy
  • Gaining power
  • Ramen


  • Feeling weak
  • Challenges to him
  • Any insults
  • Dying alone

Known History

As Lugia

Gengar used to be a Lugia, but died, and came back as a Gastly. Shit sucks, amirite?

Old Chateau

Gengar previously lived in a small studio apartment, but felt that it was not intimidating enough. He noticed that Old Chateau was empty, and helped himself in. Sure, he doesn't technically "own" it, but who would challenge him on it? In short, SQUATTAZ FOR LIFE.


Gengar became obsessed with a local Froslass, and joined Twitter to stalk her further. He eventually asked her out, and she said yes. They were in bliss, blah blah blah, and then she was kidnapped by "a plumber with a green hat and a vaccum". That's how women are man