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There's a distinction between obedience and empathy, I guess.
Species Genesect
Age Unknown
Level 50
Types Bug-type.pngSteel-type.png
Gender Genderless, identifies as male.
Home Everywhere
Trainer Wild
Carrying Draco Plate
Nature Mild

Studying everything is fun. Don't you think so?


Genesect, unlike many of his counterparts is pacifist and curious. He intones his words like a robot but is actively searching for his emotions after he was rebuilt by Team Plasma. Genesect does not like to fight others, instead using his cannon to make fireworks. He also likes bright lights, following them blindly like all bugs do. Genesect also likes to fly atop high buildings and observe humans, trying to find itself among the throngs of living, breathing people.

Genesect has revealed that he had attempted suicide many times. It is established that his body responds to commands. He tends to be very naive as well, treating whatever said to him as something 'normal' and tries to emulate it. After learning more about customs, Genesect changed his name to Android in order to sound much milder. His speech pattern has also changed to sound much more normal after his many encounters.

Android is currently preparing to enter Kalos for investigation, insecure about himself and preparing to flee a world that has rejected him for his fearsome appearance. While he may not have entirely fled his origins, even after his Kalos visit, Android continues to watch the world around him and is consistently learning about the many customs of humans.


Unaware of the bad blood between Forinans and Genesects, Android wandered inside and was curious about Heart Swaps. He was attacked by Aleri(in Isabelle's body due to the swap-a-thon) and was severely injured. He was taken in by the Banette Stitch and put up there until he recovered, knowing well that his presence would only serve to make everyone uncomfortable. After his recovery, he met Gary again, who helped to repair the dislodged hatch that the-then Armaldo Aleri had destroyed. He also met the accompanying Mewtwo, who installed a firewall within the Genesect's systems to avoid 'foul play'. Android eventually swapped with Helmer and became a Hydrogein, but he was not used to having '3 organic heads'. They later swapped back after a month and Android moved on.


  • Koza- transformed into him multiple times and is treated as a dear friend.
  • Gary- approached him suddenly and chatted, became first human friend- also, Gary fixed Android when his hatch was broken off.
  • Mewtwo- had an intellectual discussion, also swabbed some organic DNA from his core. Mewtwo later installed a firewall in him to prevent his systems from being hijacked.
  • Helmer- Romantic relationship???
  • Deoxys- a fellow researcher of various species, whom he speaks to often. They share a cordial acquaintanceship.
  • Airazel- Android met him when he broke up a fight between the Salamence and an overaggressive Hydreigon. They hit it off very well, and Airazel is now a beloved friend of Android's.
  • Ghetsis- known to be his creator. Android narrowly escaped recapture by the Team Plasma leader, and treats him as little more than pond scum.

Hatch Storage

A hatch dislodged during the attack at Forina, which allows Android to store items. Currently, he has:

  • a large amount of berries (mainly his favourite Pecha berries and Lum berries to share with Airazel)
  • several thumbdrives containing e-books he can read
  • a lightbulb. One. He can light it up by just holding it.
  • an entire tea set


  • 'Convert'- transforms in Hypersonic Jet form as seen from the anime
  • 'Hover'- hovering in midair with his boosters
  • 'Cannon'- using the cannon on his back(usually to conjure fireworks)
  • 'Drive Change'- switching drives(Douse, Burn, Shock and Chill)
  • 'Claws'- Metal Claw and X-Scissor, depending on context
  • 'Body'- the move Bug Buzz
  • 'Sexy'- An unusual command exploited by Koza while in this body to have Genesect shortcircuit and make strange gestures
  • 'Dispense'- Android dispenses berries by exploiting the broken hatch in his body to displace his berry pouch.


  • The handle of 'TechnoFossil' is an oxymoron alluding to his fossilised origins and upgraded technological self.
  • The account was created on April 17th, 2013 after the owner of said account came to realise that there were currently no Genesect accounts that deviated from evil or mechanical tweeting.
  • Android gains an average of 5-12 followers, the extent of this being unknown.
  • Android is, surprisingly, in no way affiliated to any Ghetsis or Team Plasma individuals.