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Garrison Ford Oak
After a horrific run-in with MissingNo, all photographs of Garrison Oak take on this appearance.
Age 14
Gender Male ♂
Home Pallet Town, Kanto
Pokemon captured @Umbralist, Electrivire, @IAmArcanine, Blastoise

Garrison (Gary) Ford Oak (born in Pallet Town, Kanto) Is a young up-and-coming researcher. He currently works under Professor Rowan in the Sinnoh Region, but tends to do a lot of his researcher on his own. Upon learning his grandfather, Professor Oak , had left the continent entirely for a conference in Unova, Gary headed off on his own to the new region, promising along the way to also meet up with Ashton Ketchum.


Gary Oak's personality has gradually calmed over the past several years. At the age of 10, when he first set out on his Pokemon journey, he was snarky as well as arrogant. His status as the only living relative to the Pokemon Professor appeared to give him the idea that he was much better then many other people, most importantly Ashton Ketchum. From the get-go, the two were fierce rivals in the world of Pokemon Training, with Gary always several steps in front of Ash in the pursuit of their goal: to become the ultimate trainer, the Pokemon Master.

With his defeat at Ash's hands, however, as well as a new interest in his future, Gary admitted that he was actually going to become a Pokemon researcher, much like his grandfather. By this time the friendship between the two rivals had reformed, (it is actually unknown what their previous history was before becoming trainers, but it has been hinted they were friends), and Gary Oak had matured some what.

Gary Oak as of today still owns a very large sense of determination, although as of the late it's been shown he's actually quite jealous of his friend (via Twitter) due to the fact that Professor Oak seems to favor Ash over Gary.


Gary has never spoken about his primary family. It is assumed that his mother and father passed on when he was very young, as he can be seen in the company of his grandfather at a very early age. Rumors of a sister have been reported, but he has never mentioned a possible sibling.

It is also thought that Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak were once friends as very small children. Little is known about why they became rivals other than the obvious goal they could not share: to become THE Pokemon Master.

Unlike many of Ash Ketchum's other acquaintances, Gary Oak has made a large switch in professions and has also matured and grown with the course of the years, jumping from being simply a Pokemon Trainer to becoming a Pokemon Researcher.

His relationship with Professor Oak is hard to decipher. As they are obviously the only two left of their family, they would seem to have a closer relationship than most. However, as hinted on Twitter, Gary Oak appears to be angry with and on the outs with his elderly grandfather, most likely due to the fact that the man didn't tell Gary about his trip to Unova with the Ketchums.


Following Ashton Ketchum's appearance on Twitter, Gary Oak made his own entrance under the account name @GarrisonOak. He claims that this is to show anyone who's interested how far he's come in his research, keeping updates on his data and findings. So far, however, he has very limited contact and appears to be very busy. Up until Ash Ketchum let the slip about how Professor Oak was the one to escort him to Unova, Gary remained on a low profile. After this, he suddenly stated that he was going to Unova as well, and that he would attempt to meet up with Ash there.

During the entire time he was on Twitter, however, Gary noted the strange occurrence of clouds when it was otherwise sunny a second later. This turned into something more sinister upon his arrival in Unova. The clouds turned out to be a malicious Pokemon, which then attacked Gary while he was in the company of Umbreon and causing him to vanish. This sent Ash Ketchum and his two friends Dent and Iris to the location, at which point Gary states that his surroundings changed to the ones he's currently confined in.

So far, this is where he remains. An interesting fact would be that whenever Gary or Ash make a lot of noise, the other hears it. As of now, though, Gary remains rather bored and impatient as he waits to be found.


@AshtonKetchum [1]

Ashton "Ash" Ketchum

Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum didn't start out on the best of terms at the beginning of their Pokemon adventures. The two were bitter rivals from the beginning, although it's hinted that they may have been friends before this point. Gary's constant poking fun at Ash actually caused him to strive to be better, and is likely the reason Ash did as well as he did in the very beginning. They have since reconciled and their relationship is less volatile. Both have, in fact, picked up traits from each other and display them, such as Gary picking up Ash's friendship with his Pokemon and Ash doing likewise with thinking things through as Gary did.

Currently, Ash is trying to help find Gary and hopefully rescue him from MissingNo.

@ProfOak [2]

Professor Samuel Oak

Samuel Oak, also known as 'The Pokemon Prof', is Gary Oak's only known living relative. As such, Professor Oak was the one who raised Gary from a very young age. Occasionally absent minded, Professor Oak is never-the-less a leader in research regarding Pokemon. He has favored Ash Ketchum over Gary several times, leading up to the point where he accompanies Ash and his mother, Delia Ketchum to Unova without informing his grandson of his departure. Notable is the fact that he has also not bothered to contact Gary at all during his time on Twitter, even though Gary has already suffered a terrible fate and has tried to contact his grandfather several times. It is plain to see why Gary is currently not fond of Professor Oak at this time.

@Umbralist [3]


Gary raised Umbreon from the time it was an Eevee, and has trained it to be one of his top Pokemon. It is one of the only Pokemon seen consecutively in his possession over time, much like Ash Ketchum's Pikachu. He relies on this Pokemon not only to be an excellent candidate for the battle field, but also as a loyal companion.

Umbreon was the only one with Gary upon his being attacked by MissingNo. It is unknown what Umbreon may or may not remember or have seen of this incident.


  • Gary Oak's full name is Garrison Ford Oak. (Twitter)
    • He highly dis-likes his middle name.
  • Even though Ash HAS beaten Gary in battle before, he has never beaten him with Pikachu. (Anime)
  • When nervous and alone, he likes to sing. (Twitter)
  • He is the first trainer to have come in contact with MissingNo thus far. (Twitter)
  • Gary Oak is portrayed by ShiShiShpprWonnykins from DeviantArt.

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