Galactic Grunt

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Galactic Grunt
Age 22
Gender Male
Home Veilstone City
Pokemon captured Murkrow, Glameow.


Influenced by Team Galactic propaganda, this particular Grunt has desired to join their faction in hopes of making the Pokémon world a better place. However, he knows little of Team Galactic's true intentions, and still believes he fights for a just cause.

While he may appear to look like any other member of Team Galactic, this particular Grunt has a soft spot for Pokémon in need, which he vainly attempts to hide from his peers.


Involved in a kidnapping with NeuLucario under the capture of a mysterious unknown man. Reasons for capture are currently unknown.

Upon escape, discovered himself to be in Fuschia City. Along with PokemonBreeder, set out to save a critically injured NeuLucario after his suicidal attempt to eliminate his captors.

Afterwards, made his way to Vermilion City with PokemonBreeder to catch a cruise liner back to Sinnoh.

Saving a Damsel in distress

Grunt, while staying at PokemonBreeder's home to attend to their Pokemon's wellbeing, discovers the location of a lost Gardevoir under the ownership of PokemonBreeder.

With this knowledge, and an unknown motive on Grunt's behalf, they set off for Kanto to search for the lost Pokemon. Upon arrival they make many companions and acquaintances, amongst the likes of NeuLucario, Lucan the Riolu and Furrett. Together they explore the Kanto region, growing closer ties as they continue through their hardships.

While staying at Cerulean City, the search party decides to settle down for a few days to catch some much needed relaxation. NeuLucario wanders off by himself for a reason unknown, but is unknowingly eliminated by the likes of his closest Pokemon friends that were traveling with him. A major hypothesis to why this happened would be that they were under a spell or possession by an unknown force.

With the confirmation of NeuLucario's demise, the search party began to dwindle. Furrett exiles himself from the group and makes seemingly illogical attempts at a revival of his dear friend. Lucan the Riolu fell into a depression that no one thought he could pull out of. When all hope seemed to be gone, only Grunt picked up enough determination to press onward, informing the group that a proper burial of their deceased partner should at least be completed.

Upon arriving at Lavender Town where the burials of Pokemon are held, the search party soon decided to make their way to the Pokemon Tower to provide NeuLucario a proper resting place. Unfortunately however, a ghost type Pokemon taking the form of a Gastly became offended by their actions, particularly of that by Grunt, and soon afterwards the group escaped from the tower, mostly unharmed.

The most curious thing about this Gastly is that it would soon discover itself to be the ghost or soul of NeuLucario. With this newfound knowledge, the Gastly approaches and makes amends with the group, and they become friends once more.

Not long after, PokemonBreeder receives confirmation that her Gardevoir is indeed located near the top of the Pokemon Tower. A search party once more, they all hurry towards the heights of the tower, and successfully discover PokemonBreeder's Gardevoir, though famished and badly bruised.

The group stayed at Lavender Town, where Gardevoir was placed in a critical condition. It is unknown for how long they stayed, but it was assured that they had no intentions of leaving until PokemonBreeder's Gardevoir approached a healthy physical state.


Grunt has taken up many different positions while working for Team Galactic.

Initially started out as part of the 5th Infantry Battalion, eying upon various key objectives. Upon reappearing after his disappearance, he was given two weeks of rest and relaxation, and soon after was set to a desk job as technical support for Team Galactic, repairing and solving issues related to Galactic equipment, under the 2nd Systems Operator-Maintainer Platoon.

Over a set period of time, he was left with the task of observing Team Plasma after having successfully completed mandatory training, noting his excellency in observation and memory skills.


Murkrow (Shiny)

Assigned by Team Galactic HQ (Veilstone City) as MKRW #744. Shows little to no affection, and obeys commands without hesitation.

  • Wing Attack
  • Astonish
  • Pursuit
  • Assurance


Captured while traveling with PokemonBreeder to Veilstone City, after following either for some time. Infatuated with PokemonBreeder's Skitty.

  • Faint Attack
  • Fury Swipes
  • Charm
  • Hypnosis