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Fusenger Shadow
Dimension-hopping Dark Aura techno-wiz and Trainer
Age 25
Gender male
Home Fuchsia City
Pokemon captured Ultra Magnus the Lucario, Miracle the Eevee, Black Arachnia the Spinarak, Laserbeak the Noctowl, and Rodimus Prime the Umbreon

General Information

Technically not a native to the Pokemon world, Shadow is an extra-dimensional superhero known as a Fusenger. He possesses great technical skill, as he was able to retrofit his transformation device into his Pokegear. He also possesses both Dark-type magic and Aura abilities, which he lovingly refers to as his Dark Aura. He alleges his Dark Aura is strong enough to affect Psychics, although it's unknown if it's true or if he was just claiming that to keep then-single Will from hitting on him. He used to have a love interest in his home dimension before he was exiled for accidentally causing a subspace quake that destroyed his home city. This has on a couple of occasions brought him in conflict with the father of the Fuchsia Gym Leader Janine (and Elite Four Member), Koga. He loves his Pokemon as if they were his own family, especially Arachnia, who prefers to ride on his head. He also has a sweet motorcycle, the Chaos Rider Cycle, which he uses for general transportation. In his spare time, he grows Grepa berries, intending to start making his own wine.


Entering the World

Upon arriving in the Pokemon world, he became a normal trainer, battling through Sinnoh, Johto, and Kanto and befriending his Lucario, Umbreon, and Noctowl, whom he named after characters from the first-generation Transformers series. He originally stayed in his own home dimension, keeping his Pokemon in the computer while he left to do other things (such as stream videos and games or do his necessary work in his own dimension), but as he found himself spending more time in the Pokemon world, he began to interact more with the gym leaders therein.

Making Friends

His first friend in the Pokemon dimension was the Fuchsia Gym Leader Janine, whom he met participating in an obstacle course with other trainers, Gym Leaders, and Elite Four members. It was here that he also met Marley, Lance, Blue Oak, and Phoebe, just to name others (he and Blue initially butted heads but have not been antagonistic to each other since). He stayed mainly around the Fuchsia area a lot, especially during the events that lead to him befriending a newborn Spinarak (born of Janine's Ariados and an abandoned female Ariados who'd taken over her house). Shadow nicknamed the Spinarak Black Arachnia (also after a Transformer, this time from the Beast Wars era), and as soon as she was able to leave her mother, Arachnia joined Shadow as an official member of his family.

The Dimensional Void Saga

Not too long after that, Shadow decided it was time to have a base of operations, if not a home, in the Pokemon world. This was especially made imperative when, while he was training his dimension-hopping abilities to allow him to surprise-kick like Janine's father Koga, his powers started to go out of control. Also, he needs a nice secluded place to train, as he was trying to find ways to seal the suddenly appearing dimensional voids. He found himself a house with land just outside of Fuchsia, which he lovingly dubbed Umbra Manor, just as he discovered that the dimensional voids were apparently caused by a dimension called nullspace and its null energy. (During the investigation, he overexerted himself sealing a void he created for the purpose of releasing trapped Pokemon, and in his exhaustion, his body somehow changed from a 15-year old form to his proper age.) He remained there to escape growing public dissent against him, trying to figure out a way to fix the voids and eliminate nullspace. Despite knowing the dangers of null energy firsthand (his own experiences made him frantically contact his reporter friend in the Pokemon Press to convince Devon and Silph to stop their experiments), he traveled into nullspace himself so he could neutralize the null energy. At last report, he seemed to succeed, but he was trapped in the Distortion Dimension. He returned successful in destroying nullspace, but unfortunately, he ultimately only succeeded in creating larger voids too far away for him to seal. He took this extremely hard, blaming himself for what seemed to be the inevitable destruction of the universe.

The Scourge of Null Energy

Not long after the destruction of nullspace, null energy's true nature was revealed, as the energy wasn't completely dispersed, but rather partially concentrated inside of Shadow's body, lying dormant. However, when a round of storms appeared all over the world at the same time, sparked by the sudden revival of Kyogre and Groudon, Shadow feared it had something to do with his destruction nullspace. He summoned all of his power, including (and unknowingly) the null energy within himself, to attempt to recreate nullspace. Doing this summoned all of the null energy to Shadow, possessing him. In this evil state, he summoned null-energy clones of the Weather Trio, creating even more havoc in an already-ravaged world, as the Null Monarch within him expressed a clear desire to bring the world to its destruction. Attempts to stop him directly initially failed, even leading to the additional possession of Shadow's closest friend, Marley. Together, the Null King and Queen traveled to Spear Pillar, intending to end the world from the point where it began. Unfortunately, while Arceus lead the battles against the Weather trio and their clones, the Null Monarchs also met resistance led by Agatha and Phoebe. After a vicious battle, they were finally freed of their possession, thanks to a Hypnosis/Dream Eater combination and the love of Arachnia and Marley's Arcanine. Both Shadow and Marley were badly injured (as was Phoebe), and they were all taken to Jubilife to recover.

It was during his time in the hospital that Shadow discovered that Magnus was really lonely, thus causing his addiction to porn. The young man took it upon himself to find his long-time partner a companion, and not long after recovering, he managed to do precisely that. While he was working to help repair Fuchsia, Magnus wandered off and found an untamed female Eevee. They left into the woods together, where they talked alone, and the two took a shine to each other. Upon Magnus' recommendation, Shadow took the Eevee into his part and aptly named her Miracle (as finding a wild female Eevee is rare). The celebration was short-lived, though, as it was discovered that one of Shadow's only sources of good PR coming out of the possession incident, David Cartigan of the Pokemon Press, had himself been possessed by the null energy. Shadow rushed to his aid with Marley and a new acquaintance, Gold, but he was too late, as the energy left him and disappeared into a void. It wasn't too much longer after that when a large void appeared over Eterna City...a large temporal void. Shadow arrived and was initially frozen by the fact that he had no expertise in dealing with time distortions (his own age-up notwithstanding), but eventually resolved to finish this whole void business. He summoned all the energy he had available and used it to seal the Eterna temporal void...at the cost of his own strength. With the help of Laserbeak (whom Marley had briefly borrowed to allow her to return home), he flew to Sunyshore to recuperate.

His Pokemon

Shadow's Pokemon have a habit of picking up his Pokegear (or his spare) whenever he is out, and through them, a few things have been discovered about each of his main four.


Ultra Magnus (or UltMagnus, generally shortened Magnus) is a Lucario that Shadow met up with in Sinnoh. His nature is supposedly quiet, and he love to relax. He is Steadfast, being quick to bounce back from flinching. He is generally quite intelligent. Unfortunately, as mentioned by Shadow himself, he is a little bit perverted, as he was known to search for pornography (specifically of Gardevoirs) and to ogle attractive human women (even once stating he wishes he was human sometimes). That is, until he met Miracle...


Rodimus Prime (or RodimusPrm, generally Rodi) is an Umbreon also originally from the Sinnoh region. He, like his "brother" Magnus, is of a Serious nature, and his ability is Synchronize. He is more calm and laid-back than his counterpart, and generally mute unless he swipes the Pokegear away from Magnus. He is very protective of Arachnia, whom he sees as his little sister even more so than Magnus or Laserbeak. He doesn't know who his parents are, but he considers Shadow to be father enough. In battle, he is highly persistent, never backing down from a challenge.


Laserbeak (affectionately Beakie) is a Noctowl that Shadow caught while working through the Johto region. She is of a Relaxed nature, and she is known to be an Insomniac. Because of that, Shadow keeps her in her Pokeball overnight. She is very much the mother hen of the group, keeping Magnus in line and watching over the young Arachnia. She is incredibly willing to help people, as evidenced with willingly assisting Janine in transporting people to Fuchsia for her obstacle course, largely because she loves to run. As a result, she is Shadow's most trusted Pokemon.

Black Arachnia

BlackArachnia (BkArachnia or Arachnia) is a young female Spinarak. She has an Modest nature and like Laserbeak is an insomniac. Shadow met Arachnia not long after she hatched, and despite Shadow's initial arachnophobia, she eventually crawled her way into his heart (and onto his head). She still prefers to roost on Shadow's head, as that is her way of hugging "Shadow-sama". She can be rather sassy at times, especially to her Mama-dos, but for the most part she's simply lively and energetic. She has a special bond with Rodi, although whenever the Pokemon travel by themselves, she sometimes latches onto Magnus' head as if it were Shadow's.


Miracle is a rarity: a wild female Eevee, and was named because of her miraculous appearance. Magnus found her while Shadow was helping fix Fuchsia City after yet another round of storms. They ran off into the woods to talk, as Miracle is a little shy (and possesses the Run Away Ability). She is a little Hasty, though, as evidenced by her allow Magnus to "win her over" within hours of their meeting. She has not met the rest of the team, due to her shyness, but it's only a matter of time before Magnus introduces her.