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It is nocturnal in nature. If it spots something shiny, its eyes glitter brightly. :3
Species Meowth
Age Unknown
Level 22 - 27
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Male
Home Team Swift Base
Trainer Wild
Carrying Unknown
Nature Unspecified


Frisk, like many other Meowths, enjoys finding objects which shine or glow. When he's not outdoors exploring or looking for objects worth collecting, Frisk is often indoors taking time to reflect on how the lives of others, especially humans, work, including that of his own.

Frisk also spends a considerable amount of time acquainting himself with the significance and wonders of everyday objects, such as that from the humble writing utensil to the fanciest electronic device. He has even come to a point of giving inanimate objects their own names, should he find fit; for example, the pen that he hangs on to for his creative outlets was given the name "Scribbles" upon the recommendation of one of his friends.

Though Frisk finds the unruly behavior and interactions between humans fascinating, he appears to be a pacifist at heart, especially in regards to other fellow Pokemon. He finds disputes and arguments to be unnecessary and hurtful, and hopes one day all Pokemon, and perhaps even humans, will find better ways to resolve their conflicts, even if he may not know what the answer may be.


Native to the Kanto region, Frisk was the youngest of several Meowths, thought to be the runt of his litter. Although the smallest of his siblings he was also the most creative and ambitious, striving to do better at anything his siblings could possibly do, even if he was not always successful at it.

After an unknown period of time, Frisk became seperated from his family. It is unknown whether this was a decision he had made himself, or if it were out of his control. In any case, he spent most of his time afterwards traveling from location to location in Kanto, meeting new Pokemon and finding new goals to overcome. Frisk's behavior as a Meowth is often classified as "strange" or "odd", as most Meowths would prefer to spend their time in one location throughout their lifetime, either in a city or forest. His motive for traveling is currently unknown, although most assume that he does it for the excitement and thrill. Yet, others claim that he is in search for anybody that may be related to him, including his family, hoping for the smallest chance that he may perhaps eventually find them.

A few seasons later, Frisk traveled to Sinnoh to become a part of Team Swift upon Electrike's recommendation and request. There he made many new friends, aquaintances, and on the rare occsaion, enemies. Although Team Swift spends most of its time operating in Jubilife City, Frisk occasionally takes time to travel around Sinnoh as well in the most ambitious of manners.

After a brief yet quiet period of time, Frisk traveled to the Unova region, specifically Castelia City, with another Team Swift Member in hopes of expanding their base of operations. Though a slow progress, Frisk hopes to eventually make their Team known to the Unova region, with the intention of finding new members to help support them as well.

Known/Presumed moves

  • Fake Out
  • Fury Swipes
  • Faint Attack
  • Scratch


Electrike - Close buddy, always there for him and vice versa.

Supapikachu - Great friend, there to help and encourage Frisk in times of need.

NeuLucario - Distant contact, the two built up a friendly relationship rather quickly.

Lanturnabout - Became friends near instantaneously when Trike introduced him to Frisk.

DatSmugLeaf - Almost equal in personality.

KeenStaraptor - Swift buddy.

(More to be added as can be remembered)