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"Well, gosh, I like to think I'm a little above average! But, I guess that's for you to decide!"
Species Fox Pokémon
Age 3
Level 64
Types Fire-type.png
Gender Female
Home Hoenn
Trainer Wild
Carrying A whipped candle
Nature Naive

"Life's a journey you gotta take one step at a time! Just make sure you're all set before you make your move!"






Flare is a tiny bit above average in height and build for a female Vulpix, just a couple inches over two feet in height. She often wears a short scarf around his neck, nothing too cumbersome but enough to help her stand out. That said, she keeps her fur very neat and silky smooth, even her tails perfectly aligned and well-groomed. The tufts on her head as well, always looked over and rarely out of place, making it common for her to be mistaken as somebody else’s Pokemon. Though she would never admit she takes so much care in ensuring her fur is so well-kempt.


Flare is a bit of a loud-mouth, though always with the best intentions. She's oft known to rush head-long into a situation without too much foresight, but rather out of curiosity than sheer ignorance. When a situation becomes serious, however, she's usually the most level-headed and reasonably individual in the room, despite her tendencies.


Iron Tail


Flame Burst



Dark Pulse

Battle Style

Flare is, even if by accident, a very appeals-minded battler. Her attacks aren’t so deliberate but rather performed as if all in one motion, one move coming in succession after the other, as if trying to impress some nonexistent crowd while also unleashing a fury of attacks that usually stay within range of being both brutal and up close, as well as tricky and deceptive, maintaining her fluidity in such a way that she will try to throw her opponent off balance, causing them to second guess her every move.

Other Facts

Her birthday is November 29th

Her ability is Flash Fire

Flare's true past is shrouded in mystery

She has a great affinity for the taste of fish. Merely offering her some can usually win her over.