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Felix Jenkins
Image to be added
Age 13
Gender Genderfluid
Home Hearthome City
Pokemon captured Bananas (Furret, starter), Pepper (Butterfree), Apple (Ariados), Cranberry (Scolipede), Celery (Flygon), Strawberry (Parasect), Leek (Armaldo), Kiwi (Beedrill), Watermelon (Gastrodon), Lychee (Pinsir), Luna (guide Umbreon), Cashew (Dustox), Macadamia (Beautifly), Peanut (Beautifly), Pecan (Beautifly), Habanero (Larvesta)

Felix (aka Bug_Whisperer) is a young Bug Catcher who is not native to the Pokemon world.


  • Full name: Felix Declan Jenkins (planning to legally change her name soon)
  • Age: 13
  • Birthplace: It is a mystery (she's a foundling)
  • Hometown: Hearthome City
  • Location: Usually either in Hearthome, Viridian, Sunyshore, Johto's National Park or Eterna Forest.
  • Height: Between 4'9" and 5'7" due to shapeshifting, usually about 5'3"
  • Weight: Averages at about 90lbs
  • Species: Grey imp (a cross between two different species of Gaia Online imp, with shapeshifting powers). Dislikes being an imp and prefers to always take a human form. Very rarely uses her powers, though she's been slightly more willing to do so since revealing she has them.
  • Occupation: Student, Pokemon trainer, amateur entomologist, multiverse explorer
  • Badges: 16 (8 Johto, 8 Sinnoh)
  • Type specialty: Bug, with more than a passing familiarity with Poison too


Felix is very shy but tries hard to come across as quite confident. She talks so quickly and loudly that it can be overbearing at times. In truth, she has very little self esteem due to a lot of trauma in her past, which she is only just beginning to tackle with help from therapists and her family. Due to repeated bullying, she is often afraid to stand up for herself and will push her own opinions aside so she won't upset her friends. This leads to her suppressing her real feelings until they erupt in what her older sibling Lory calls an 'emotionsplosion'. She is currently having assertiveness training to combat this so that she can learn to stand up for herself more easily, and it's beginning to have a positive effect.

Due to her low self esteem and desire for friends, Felix is a pushover who will do things for her friends even if she doesn't want to. She will often pretend to like things she doesn't like, or vice versa, if she's afraid of alienating a friend, and will usually take bullying or abuse without fighting back due to her own fear of what she's capable of doing when angry. However, when people are cruel to her family or close friends, she has been known to snap. She once broke a teenager's wrist because he bullied her younger cousin.

Felix is obsessed with bugs and creepy crawlies of all kinds, not just those which are also Pokemon. She has been implied to have the ability to talk to Bug types, and on a few occasions has convinced a bug Pokemon to join her by befriending it. She claims to love all bugs equally and frequently used to take offense to Gentapod insulting Kakuna. She has been considering trying to become a gym trainer at Azalea Gym since she idolizes Bugsy. However, she is opposed to the League due to having little faith in their ability to rule and her strong opposition to them leaving children to deal with dangerous criminals.


Kristoph and Klavier Gavin: As a toddler, Felix lived in a very dangerous environment in the Ace Attorney universe, an apartment complex full of murderers and abusers. Many of the worst ones were members of the Gavin family, leading Felix to have a fear of German accents and a less pronounced fear of blond haired men.

Strangers: Until Felix gets to know you well, she'll be constantly expecting you to be looking for the right opportunity to hurt her. Even after she knows you well, she'll always be at least a little wary.

Bullying: In first and second grade, while still living openly as an imp, Felix experienced severe physical and emotional bullying from other imp kids, most of whom were bigger than her due to her still recovering from the trauma of her early childhood. Even discussion of bullying can sometimes cause problems for her. The bullying is part of what led to her choosing to live as a human instead.

Extreme cold and darkness: These two go hand in hand. During her first Pokemon adventure, Felix almost died in the Icy Path. Because of this, she's scared of very cold environments, especially when visibility is reduced due to snowstorms or darkness.

Kidnapping: Because Felix is close friends with several members of the Sakaki family, she's at high risk of being kidnapped by enemies of Team Rocket.


Felix was found by a man named Creek Crosser at a pre-birth stage of development (Gimpi 'evolve' from bottles of potion). Creek gave the bottle to his little brother Mal as a gift. Mal initially expected it to evolve into some sort of animal, but after it evolved into a baby imp, Mal started to consider the imp his adoptive baby sibling and named her Felix because it had the opposite meaning to his own name. Social services were nowhere to be found and they spent Felix's infancy living in an apartment complex full of violent criminals. Due to differences in the way Gimpis age, Felix reached physical maturity at about six months old but had the psychological development of a toddler.

After watching her older brother be slowly broken by the constant violent crime in the complex, Felix was rescued along with Mal by Dollie, who was aware of their timeline and had spent some time convincing Mal to let her intervene. Her family adopted them, and now that Felix was living in a safer environment she began choosing to appear in a physical form that matched her mental age. She 'aged' rapidly until her third birthday, when she had a mental age of eight. A year before this (when her mental and apparent physical age was six), she was given Bananas' egg to hatch so she could raise her and keep her as a pet.

Although Felix was no longer in danger of being murdered, she didn't have much time to recover from the trauma before she started school. A combination of her species and her above average intelligence led to her being bullied mercilessly by other kids, leaving her with severe trauma which persists to this day. This led to her eventually stabbing another kid with scissors and almost being expelled. After an investigation into what really happened, Felix was taken out of school for several months. During this time, she had her third birthday, decided she was sick of being an imp and shifted into an eight year old human form, and refused to use his imp powers from then on, instead aging normally in this human form. She did not start shapeshifting again until she was nearly 12 and revealed her species to her friends. She still very rarely shapeshifts, as she prefers being a human.

For a while, Felix was home schooled and trained in the basics of raising Pokemon by Dollie. In mid-2012, she was sent to the Trainer School in Violet City for a few months. While she wasn't bullied, she was too afraid of the other kids to approach them, spent all of her free time alone in the library and didn't enjoy herself at all. Realizing she was unable to settle into a normal school environment, Dollie withdrew her and homeschooled her for a while, with Lory acting as her personal mentor. She has been having therapy for her various traumas for over four years. It has started to pay off, as in April 2014 she started at a new school and her confidence has improved since then due to being much happier in her new school. She started her journey around Johto at the beginning of 2014 and completed it a week before her 11th birthday. Her Sinnoh journey began shortly after her 12th birthday and she won her 8th Sinnoh badge shortly before her 13th birthday. She is planning to retire from challenging gyms now that she has 16 badges and is instead serving as a bodyguard for her younger cousin Lora's first journey. She is also working as a gym trainer at Azalea Gym, which she enjoys far more than travelling.

Felix is transgender. She first figured it out shortly after her 12th birthday, after she had an attack of dysphoria over the likelihood that her voice would break soon and she would have a growth spurt. Her family managed to get her a prescription for puberty blockers, after which she played around with pronouns for a while before deciding the 'boy' label really didn't fit.


Felix has been trained in Pokemon care, survivalism and battling by her older sibling Lory. She is quite good at these three things for a child her age. In particular, she's excellent at taking care of Bug type Pokemon. Her Pokemon are stronger than someone might expect from a younger trainer, largely due to Lory's guidance in training them. She is fairly good at reading other people most of the time, though sometimes her anxiety leads her to see things that aren't really there. She is book-smart and a quick learner. She's also learning judo, though so far she's not very good at it. She's trying to learn ways to make up for her weak eyesight (ocular albinism which makes reading difficult and also makes her very sensitive to light). She is learning to cook and garden, and greatly enjoys both of these things. She is an amateur magician's assistant in training and can also make balloon animals. She likes yoyos and is learning to do yoyo tricks, but isn't very good.



Bananas is a female shiny Furret and Felix's first Pokemon. She considers her an honorary Bug type because she doesn't want to have to stop training her just because she's a Bug specialist. She used to serve as a guide Furret to Felix sometimes, as Felix is unable to see in bright sunlight. However, her hyperactive and excitable personality used to make this difficult, so Felix got a specially trained guide Pokemon instead, and Bananas now fills the role of therapy Pokemon.


Pepper was the first Pokemon Felix caught. He was just a weak little Caterpie back then, but is now a strong Butterfree who loves battling and is great at wielding his various status effect moves. Prone to flying around wildly with excitement.


Pepper's less hot-blooded best friend. Apple was the second Pokemon Felix caught, the evening of the same day she caught Pepper. She was caught as a Spinarak, but evolved into an Ariados in early 2013. While she may seem scary, and indeed she can be very dangerous if she wants to be, Apple is the team mom and surprisingly affectionate towards Felix and her teammates. May or may not be capable of teleportation witchcraft.


Cranberry used to belong to Grey, but was given to Felix as a gift. Despite Felix not being his original trainer, he seems very happy with the kid and as a Venipede used to enjoy climbing all over her and being carried in her arms. As a Scolipede, he now enjoys being the one doing the carrying and the cuddling. He really likes apples.


Felix adopted Celery from a shelter when she was a Trapinch. Despite an early hiccup when Felix accidentally startled her and she reflexively bit her, leaving her needing stitches, they soon got along great and Celery evolved into a Vibrava not long after. She likes to fly around in big lazy circles, when Bananas isn't grabbing her and hugging the living daylights out of her. They might be in a relationship, it's hard to tell. Celery is now a Flygon and is even more laid back than she was as a Vibrava.


Felix found this Paras when taking part in the Bug-Catching Contest in Johto. Rather than battling and catching him, she persuaded him to join by being friendly and asking him nicely. He evolved before Felix started her journey. He seems to be quite friendly with Cranberry and the two like to relax and spend time together.


Leek is a male Armaldo, resurrected from a fossil given to Felix by Grey. He is also known by the affectionate nickname "Flappy Shrimp" after the reaction Felix had when Grey gave her the fossil. He was the main Pokemon Felix used when fighting Whitney. He is the second most aggressive member of the team, with Pepper being the most aggressive.


Kiwi was one of a group of Weedle Felix raised in order to release them into the wild. While the other two happily left, Kiwi (the most nervous of the group and the last to evolve) chose to stay, and Felix officially adopted her as her own Pokemon. She's shy, but very affectionate, and has become Felix's signature Pokemon.


Watermelon the Gastrodon was recruited as a Shellos to be a bodyguard Pokemon to protect Felix from Team Magma. He gets along very well with Strawberry. He enjoys hugging people, which can be a problem since Gastrodon slime is difficult to wash out of clothes.


Lychee was caught in the Bug Catching Contest before Felix challenged Morty's gym. She's fairly mischievous for a Pinsir and sometimes likes to gently pick up smaller Pokemon in her claws and hold them in the air while they freak out.


Luna is a trained guide Umbreon. She doesn't battle, instead being devoted to her job. She is very quiet and serious in personality.

The Wurmple Squad

Pecan, Cashew, Macadamia and Peanut were four Wurmple who requested Felix's help to evolve, as they didn't want to become Starly food. Since evolving, they've joined Felix's team, though they enjoy living wild so Felix lets them come and go as they please. Peanut is the only male member of the group.


Habanero is a Larvesta who hatched on October 25th 2016 by literally bursting into flames, scaring the living daylights out of her trainer. She squeaks a lot and likes to be carried around. Due to her Fire typing, she is not bothered by cold like most of her teammates, and is able to help Felix with her cold phobia by acting as a living hot water bottle. She's very lively and wants to become good at battling. This may be a result of her hatching just outside Azalea Gym, but it's probably just a coincidence.


  • Felix is vegetarian and lactose intolerant.
  • Felix's best friend is DefyingMerit. She's also friends with TinyAntagonist, EscapedTheMask, AMayAfternoon and a few other children, and has several friends from other timelines due to interacting with many corners of the multiverse.
  • Felix likes cosplaying as Bug-type Pokemon, but is self conscious about it.
  • Felix carries around various poisons and status powders at all times. Lory does the same. It's unclear which one of them started it.
  • Felix considers her younger cousin Lora her rival.
  • Felix sees Grey as a mentor of sorts (though not as much as Lory) and an older brother figure.
  • Felix has a large number of secret crushes. She'll never tell!