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The Winged Warrior.
Species Farfetch'd
Age 21
Level 97
Types Normal-type.png Flying-type.png
Gender Male
Home Mobile
Trainer No longer
Carrying Strong Leek
Nature Unspecified

I have requested | That someone write this for me | So its not Haiku
I have requested | That they write in first person | Since these are my words

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My father was a Noctowl, my mother a Farfetch'd like myself. From my father I inherrited my gift of foresight. In my early years my mother tutored me in proper medetative excercises. Combing these two arts I learned to read the Chi of those I concentrated upon. I set off alone then, in my second year of life, to train myself to the utmost. Using my natural skills, I sought out three abilities not naturally learned by my kind, TM 10, TM 32, and HM 01. I aquired these items through various heroic deeds, the details of which are unimportant, and through temporarily serving by the side of a trainer.

My moveset complete, I set out on my own once more to improve myself. Through extensive training I greatly increased the power of my cut.

I no longer reside with Falkner of the Violet City Gym, having had an unfortunate falling out. All is forgiven, but I feel I should continue on my own seperate path.

I am a lethal flurry of feathers. The winged warrior known only by his species. I am Farfetch'd.


I am single minded and focused. When I have a goal I see it through to completion, when I make a vow I uphold it, when I owe a debt I repay it.

Psyche Profile

Due to my father meddling with my egg in an attempt to shift my type from Normal/Flying to psychic flying, against all laws of pokemon nature, I think, speak, and type in Haiku. It is like a combination of a mental defect and obsessive compulsive disorder

Move Set


Type: Normal
Function: Physical
Power: 50 (150)

Hidden Power Fire

Type: Fire
Function: Special
Power: 75

Double Team

Type: Normal
Function: Status
Effect: Double Team increases the user's evasion by one stage.


Type: Psychic
Function: status
Effect: Foresight allows Normal- and Fighting-type moves to hit Ghost-type Pokémon. It also brings the foe's evasiveness stat down to 0%

Special Abilities

I have trained so that my use of cut has three times the base power of the average cut, nullifying any weakness against types such as rock and steel.