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"The Elegant Master of Flying Pokémon"
Age 20
Gender Male
Home Violet Town, Johto.
Pokemon captured Pidgeot, Hoothoot, Dodrio, Staraptor, Pelipper, Noctowl, Swellow, Honchkrow


Joined Twitter on April 8th, 2010

Falkner himself is unsure why he keeps his Twitter. Originally started as a way to keep in contact with fellow Gym Leaders and Flying-type enthusiasts around the world, he soon discovered that other Pokemon trainers, Gym Leaders, and even Elite Four members that he was familiar with also had a Twitter account, along with some highly intelligent Pokemon. Intrigued, Falkner soon found himself with quite the following, along with chatting with a few of the above mentioned. However, Falkner soon found that, despite their statuses, many of the people he found on Twitter had quite the sense of humor. To this day, Falkner finds himself as the butt of many of the jokes on Twitter, yet endures in the best he can in the hopes that, one day, he'll find somebody worth talking to.


Falkner is a 20 year old Gym Leader from Violet Town, located in the Johto Region. He specializes in Flying-type Pokemon, and is quite the fan of bragging about it. Coming off occasionally as arrogant and uncaring, Falkner holds a deep love for his Birds, and will only react rudely when his favorite Pokemon Type is insulted. Falkner holds a great hatred for Electric-type Pokemon (save Zapdos), although he seems to have no reason behind this hatred outside of the type advantage. It would appear that he holds a special dislike for Mareep that seems to stem from a phobia-like fear, however the young man refuses to elaborate.

Often the cause of the numerous jokes made about him, Falkner's love for the Flying-type has influenced him to prefer the company of birds over his fellow humans. He is often found sitting on top of his Gym with a pair of binoculars, bird-watching. His hobby borders on obsession, as shown by his mad dash through several Routes after spotting a Shiny Pidgey. Outside of this, Falkner claims normality, his love of bird watching (including Hoothoots at night) and flying as nothing more than hobbies, hobbies that every sane person should partake in.

Falkner dreams of living up to his father, and seems to take every defeat as a loss for the both of them. While it seems that Falkner has not had any contact with his father in quite some time, he speaks as if his father is due to come back out of the blue, and as such rarely breaks from training. Falkner holds deep respect for his father, and is likely to snap at anybody who claims to have never heard of him, or doubts that he holds as much skill in battling as Falkner describes.


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Friends, Foes, and Relations

Janine Often found bickering with, Falkner seems to have a 'frienemy' relationship with Janine, the two of them often going off on tangents about who has the better father, Falkner being quite stubborn in his beliefs. While many speculate possible romantic feelings between the two, Falkner seems to be disgusted by the very idea, often stating that he has "no time for relationships, especially with her."

Falkner's Father There is not much to be said on Falkner's father. For as often as he is spoken of by Falkner, he has yet to give much personal info about him, automatically assuming that anybody with half a brain knows who he is. Falkner once spoke of his father's name being Hawker, however this has yet to be confirmed. Regardless, Falkner speaks quite highly of his father, stating that he was one of the best Gym Leaders of his time.

Falkner's Mother As with his father, Falkner has yet to reveal much information on his mother. He has only stated that she used to be a Kimono Girl, but has long since retired. However, the two seem to have a good relationship.

Winona The Gym Leader of Fortree City. A fellow user of Flying-type Pokemon, Falkner has stated that he holds a decent amount of respect for her, if not just for that reason. The two are both regular attendants of the Sky Festival, and seem to enjoy each other's company.

Lt. Surge Falkner is not a fan of Lt. Surge. A well-known user of Electric-types, the lieutenant and Falkner are at obvious disagreements with each other concerned type preference, Falkner constantly belittling Surge's interest in Electric Pokemon and claiming that, despite the type advantage, Falkner could and would easily beat him. This challenge has yet to come into fruition, yet Falkner stays strong in his opinion.

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