Eris the Luxray

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Eris Luxray.jpg
Queen Eris
Species Luxray
Age 17
Level 67
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Female
Home Unknown
Trainer None
Carrying N/A
Nature Brave

Basic Information


Eris's fur shines due to her cleaning her fur everyday, both her tail star and eyes are the brightest of yellow while her skin is of a sky blue.

Personality and Behavior

Eris is brave and strong yet also vain, she believes herself to be the queen of her forest. If you manage to become her friend, which is not easy, she will become the most loyal friend till the end.


1) Thunder Fang

2) Charge

3) Crunch

4) Wild Charge

Character Development


When Eris was just a Shinx she was left in a forest by her father to fend for herself, while there she learnt to trust no other pokemon and to gain respect and fear from them. Once she was a Luxio she was able to scare some of the small pokemon due to her size but now that she is a Luxray she has learnt that respect is a better way to lead than fear, she does however believe that she is the queen of the forest.


Currently living in the forest she was left in, Eris has climbed up the ranks within to become the 'top dog', the other pokemon in the forest respect her and are to respectful to tell her she is not the queen.

Miscellaneous Extra Information

Eris loves to stride around with her head held high but she can also be quite immature as she is still in her teens.