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If you need some 'sploding done, I'm your ambiguously-gendered sphere!
Species Electrode
Age Old enough to drink
Level Over 9000
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Genderless, but I act so male it's obvious that's what I should be
Home Sinnoh, Sunnyshore City, or wherever I roll OK I MADE A CUTE PUN NOW PLEASE BE MY FRIEND
Trainer Wild
Carrying Focus Band
Nature Unspecified

"@ Lanturnabout If it's Pistachio, y'all better run, I have blown people and Pokemon up for it. Just to make sure, get a quart and put it at the entrance to the power plant in 5 minutes as a sacrifice to the gods (i.e Arceus) and godlike Pokemon (i.e Me)."


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Facts and Personality

Contrary to popular belief, his personality is NOT explosive, he is actually rather laid back and relaxed, though is quick to argue with others, especially Pichu. He considers himself the greatest Electric Pokemon in existence, plays Katamari, makes pop cultures references in order to convince people he is cool, and drinks frequently. How he manages to type and play video games without hands is unknown, but it is known he has a fridge, microwave, and popcorn inside his hollow bod. He is frequently seen threatening people with explosives, and is the only one to emerge unscathed from his earth-shattering explosions. He has never been known to kill anyone for any reason other than Pistachio ice cream.

Facts and Friends

He considers himself friends with Electrike, Lanturn, and several non-Pokemon. He is in a temporary truce with Pichu. His only known moves are Selfdestruct, Explosion, SonicBoom, and Swift, the last of which he recently cited as a reason to join Team Swift, though was declined as they were full at the time. He is constantly shifting locations from Johto to Sunyshore City, to Route 208, to Rocket hideouts, to Los Angeles though his rolling abilities are assumed to be his main form of conveyance.

Facts and Recent Events

He has recently self-destructed after Electrike insulted gelato, which he loves desperately. This caused him to malfunction, start to speak glitched Spanish, and even attempt to reboot as GLaDOS, but was saved when PolyPorygon gave him some pistachio ice cream and rebooted him. He has a habit of zapping Golbats out of the air. He loves gelato and pistachio and mint chip ice creams. He is extremely hostile towards Delkitty whom most of his very rare cusses are directed at. He has attempted to befriend Croconaw, but was put off after Croconaw continually threatened to make love to him. He is now in deep space because of him asking Machamp to throw him. However, Alakazam teleported him back down.

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