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I'm a cool Electrike living in Vermilion City!
Species Electrike
Age 2
Level 19
Types Electric-type.png
Gender M
Home Vermilion City
Trainer Wild
Carrying Magnet
Nature Unspecified


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Trike is a friendly Pokemon. While he may occasionally joke with people who he considers friends, he genuinely means well. In fact, if you find him joking around with you, it probably means he considers you a friend - so it's a good thing! Trike is quite energetic and often ends his sentences with exclamation points. This can obviously be annoying at times. He is very loyal and almost always tries to put his friends before him, whether the situation be a serious one or a more casual one. Trike lives in Vermilion City in the Kanto region. He does not have any known family, so he lives alone in a small area near Diglett Cave. Trike loves being around and chatting with other Pokes, so if there's something that needs to be said, Trike will always be there to listen.

The Resistance

When the Resistance was formed to attempt to dethrone Team Rocket, Trike immediately joined the team. Led by AbomasnowDude and Croconaw, the Resistance was looking very strong. However, after Croconaw's departure, the team was in severe need of reliable members. Trike took the opportunity to recruit Pokemon like FlameFlareon, MegaWartortle, and Sabelette. While several delays caused the Resistance to not be able to attack when originally planned, the team of AbomasnowDude, Electrike, Delkitty, ChiraMiiUp, FlameFlareon, and Sabelette (MegaWartortle remained at base) stormed the Rockets. After launching Sabelette into the base, the rest of the team followed closely behind. After fighting their way to the main area, the Resistance confronted Giovanni. Giovanni, not fearing the team of 6, called his son, Silver, to battle the Resistance. After FlameFlareon was badly hurt by a grunt, Special_Gold arrived to assist the Resistance. After healing FlameFlareon, Gold agreed to battle Silver. The battle raged on for seemingly forever. All of a sudden, AbomasnowDude, who was really Sigma and not Snoweh, transformed into his reploid form and began to wreak havoc. Trike, unwilling to stand by, told the team to retreat and began to attack Sigma. After a number of unsuccessful Thunderbolts and an Iron Tail, Trike was badly injured by Sigma. In one last effort, Trike mustered up a super-powered Thunderbolt which defeated Sigma. Simultaneously, Silver triumphantly defeated Gold. Trike, badly injured and alone, was forced to retreat, where Delkitty helped him back to safety. Trike was thoroughly depressed after failing to be brave enough to continue to fight, but his friends ensured him that he had done all he could. Shortly thereafter, since AbomasnowDude was never leading the Resistance, Delkitty took control of the Resistance and disbanded it.

Team Swift

Team Swift is an anti-criminal group that Trike, along with DatBlastoise, created. The team basically stands for all that is good and can somewhat be considered a direct opposite of Team Rocket. Currently, the headquarters is in Jubilife City in the Sinnoh region. After DatBlastoise's departure, Trike became the sole leader.

After DatBlastoise came back from Pokecamp, he announced that he was leaving the team to Electrike and going back to Kanto. While Trike was upset with this decision, he tried to be strong for the remaining team members.

Current Team Swift members include:

_Staraptor_ (On leave due to child birth)

Trike's Near Death Experiences

After meeting Lanturnabout, Trike desperately wanted to be a dual-type as well. He first attempted to become an electric/water dual type, which lead to his near drowning and eventual saving by Lanturnabout. After a day of rest, Trike decided he wanted to be a fire-type and attempted to learn Flamethrower via TM. Not knowing how to learn TMs, Trike attempted to swallow it and began to choke. Lanty performed the Heimlich Maneuver and saved Trike from choking. Trike continued his attempt to learn the TM, but could not manage to get it down, much to Lanty's dismay. The next day, after successfully knowing what Blobby and Lanty were thinking, Trike decided that he might have Psychic abilities. After unsuccessfully moving Lanty and attempting to teleport himself, Trike decided that he may need to be in danger for his abilities to work. He asked Lanty to take him underwater and hold onto him so that his teleporting abilities would activate. Unfortunately, this plan did not work out, and Trike ended up unconscious. Again, Lanty had saved his life. ((WIP))


Currently, Trike has only been known to use three moves.

Dig - First move seen used by Trike. Used it to escape being captured by Gary0ak and his Steelix.

Thunderbolt - His most used move. Anytime Trike needs a move he can count on, he goes to this.

Iron Tail - Used only once in his battle with Sigma.


Electrike has a few nicknames given to him by other Pokemon

Trike - As could be seen by the use of it multiple times in this article, Trike is Electrike's most common nickname.

Trikey - Not used as often, but basically just another form of Trike.

Sparky - Given by Skittylz, generally only called this nickname by him.

Alien head/big head/other insulting nickname - Given by Delkitty, usually used in arguments.

"Electrick Rick", Rick, Ricky, etc - Odd nickname that isn't used too often.


Lanturnabout - Possibly Trike's best friend besides his brother, Lanty is a valued member of Team Swift and has saved Trike's life on multiple occasions. Lanty also taught him to swim.

Delkitty - Been friends since the very beginning. Lesli often does mean things and makes fun of Sparky, but they remain friends through it all

supapikachu - SUPA friendly (bad pun lolol). Has been a great friend to Trike since they met. Also a member of Team Swift!

DatBlastoise - Trike's adopted brother

Croconaw - Close friend, gets into crazy mayhem with Trike on almost a daily basis.

Buizels - Close friend, gave inside information to help during the Resistance.

Pichu - Attempted to help during the Resistance, but didn't get a chance to be shot out of the cannon.

FlameFlareon - Seems like he is depressed too much, and Trike is always trying to cheer him up.

FriskyMeowth - Team Swift member, always been very nice to Trike.

_Staraptor_ - Team Swift member, helped Trike out of some jams!

Sabelette - Helped a lot with the Resistance and hung out with Trike in SlowKingV's castle.