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"Everything is okay."
Species Evolution Pokemon
Age 3
Level 19
Types Ice-type.png
Gender Female
Home Lake of Rage
Trainer n/a
Carrying None
Nature Lonely

Dot is an incredibly shy and subdued Glaceon. As much as she is willing to help those she cares about, rarely will she ever put herself in a situation where she has to interact with strangers.


Dot was born the youngest of Nanani and Nero’s offspring, and completely by accident at that. Due to complications she was born a runt, excessively tiny for an Eevee and something that she was never able to escape. And unfortunately as she grew, she was caught up in much of the drama that led to her family being split apart. With her parents living in two separate regions, it was her father’s decision to leave her with her mother where she would become good friends with Agnes, a Typhlosion and the pride of Master William’s team, the man under whom her mother was employed. Still young yet, she’s figuring out her place in the world, and rather than lashing out or feeling as though she was wronged or missed out on opportunities taken by her parents’ actions, she maintains a soft disposition, always trying to be helpful and friendly to everyone around her, even when she often finds herself rather confused. Small as she is, however, it’s not uncommon to see her running at top speed in or around the manor, whether she’s chasing after her little brother or helping her mom, step dad or Master William, constantly making an effort to keep herself busy when she isn’t playing, rather than opting to hide away and be alone.


Now fully evolved, Dot is very similar proportionally to her mother, though she is much shorter, standing just a hair over three feet tall. She's a little more liberal with what she wears, not as prone to dress herself up, and usually wearing something more casual whenever she does. She's usually got a bright smile on her face, or a face betraying the fact that she's lost in thought. Either way, she's quite terrible at hiding her emotions, and is very easy to read.



Icy Wind


Quick Attack

Tail Whip

Additional Facts

  • Dot has two older siblings and one younger sibling
  • Dot was born almost entirely by accident
  • She has a love for singing and dancing, but refuses/is to afraid to share it with anyone.