Don't Vandalize, You Idiot

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Why is Vandalizing the Twitterdex wiki a waste of time?

  • ALL PRIOR VERSIONS OF PAGES ARE SAVED, so all it takes for an admin to revert a page to a previous revision is two or three clicks. In other words, that trainer article you thought it would be funny to replace every 3rd word with dick? It takes 5 seconds to change it back, so it's a waste of your time.
  • Anyone can track edits- Every single edit you make on the wiki will have your username attached to it, so if you're spotted editing someone's page without their permission, it will permanently be reflected in your record on the wiki
  • Vandals are easy to spot- It's easy for moderators to spot vandals by certain qualities, so finding vandalism is even easier, especially on a relatively small wiki like this.
  • You're just gonna get banned- 30 seconds of vandalism-fun, and you're banned forever. Is that really worth the outburst?
  • The Wiki has a bot to revert blatant vandalism- so you're not even wasting any human effort by vandalizing.

So in short, you are completely wasting your time. In the end, nothing you do will be permanent, and will take seconds to undo. So don't bother wasting your time and making an idiot out of yourself.

I'm not vandalizing, but I think someone else is, what should I do?

Easy. Just let the official Twit_Dex twitter account know about it as well as the username of the person doing it, and we'll look into it. We'll revert any pages they vandalized, and ban the user if need be.