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"The greatest way to make friends is to help anyone you can." -A firm belief of Christopher

Christopher is your average, run-of-the-mill nice guy. You won't leave him without a bit of hospitality.

If you would like to talk to Christopher, visit him at his twitter page. [1]

The heftiest Charizard Doctor
Species Charizard
Age 24
Level 100
Types Fire-type.png Flying-type.png
Gender Male
Home Sinnoh
Trainer Red
Carrying N/A
Nature Mild

Basic Information

Personality and Typical Behavior

Christopher is a shiny Charizard with many different quirks. He's unique in more than one way, being one of the only doctors who is literally a Pokémon. Many a time has he been questioned about his profession, being such an odd thing for a Charizard, but he always says it was something he always wanted to do. Because of his job, a lot of his close friends call him Doc. Christopher tries his best to help everyone, and is kind to all whenever he can be. He strives to help more than anything, and dislikes battling. He will, however, battle if he needs to. He befriends all--or as many as he can--Pokémon that he meets, believing that he can help them better with friendships. In a lot of ways, Christopher is clumsy. He often gets himself into trouble in his lab, and some weird thing always happens to the unfortunate Charizard. But, he always tries to make the best of it. Christopher loves food, and eats whenever he can.


Christopher, as previously stated, is a shiny Charizard. He's a bit taller than most Charizard, standing at a tall 6 feet, 2 inches. His love of food shows often, as he lugs around a big round belly, bigger than almost all other Charizard's. His belly is rivaled only by his good friend, Char. His eyes are a crisp brown color, a sign to his former human form, and he has a scar over his left eye. He is 24, but he acts a lot older, or sometimes younger, than he really is.

Likes and Dislikes





Helping others


People who act like a jerk


Blood, in large amounts


Christopher has not always been a Charizard. His interesting past started here. Following his dream of helping others, Christopher started out as a Pokémon researcher. As a human, he did everything he could to find out more information about Pokémon. He'd even ran tests on them to analyze their performances. He was a Trainer on the side, but did not use it often. He began to work undercover as an INTERPOL, or International Police, agent, which led to his final adventure as a human. Working to eliminate Team Rocket from its usual evildoing, he secretly joined the ranks, given a tactical advantage since he formerly worked for them for his research. Some time during his mission, his cover was blown. When Team Rocket found out Christopher's true intentions, they broke into his home and kidnapped him from his family, a pair of Absol who'd adopted him as their own. Once there, Christopher was interrogated deeply as to why he was doing what he was. At some point, Team Rocket had ran a test on the poor doctor, who never knew that it had happened to him. He managed to escape from them eventually, badly injured and beaten, and scrabbled back to his home. There he slept, only to wake up the next morning as a Charizard.


Christopher's moves are as follows:

1) Flamethrower

2) Brick Break

3) Dragon Pulse

4) Fire Blast

He uses these moves simply for self-defense and for training. He dislikes battling often. Despite his firm disbelief in battling, Christopher has achieved level 100 as he always wished he would do.