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Age 27
Gender Male
Home Castelia City, Unova
Pokemon captured Magneton Magnezone Metagross Beheeyem Rotom Klinklang

Colress (Japanese: アクロマ Achroma) is the boss of Team Plasma, a position given to him by Ghetsis before the Trainer from Aspertia defeated him and Kyurem. He is a scientist who seeks to draw out the hidden potential of Pokemon, and will stop at nothing to achieve this. As the Plasma Boss, Colress hopes to make a world where Pokemon and people can work together towards success, unhindered, and eliminate the influence of those like Team Rocket. He has much to learn, and often asks other high-ranking Plasmas on their opinions of certain matters, in order to make the best decisions possible.


Colress stands about 6’ 0” tall, has blond hair with a blue-colored ahoge, and wears glasses. His outfit of choice is his black and blue shirt, long black pants, and a lab coat. He usually carries around a notebook with him.


Colress is a very serious, yet inquisitive person. He would not hesitate to do what some would deem unethical. He finds enjoyment in testing his research in battle, almost to the point of excitement. Colress asks a lot of questions, some of which seem to leave quite an impact.



There are various rumors spreading around that Colress was in a relationship with Elesa in their youth, but went their separate ways because Colress delved deeper into his research and Elesa was getting into the modeling business. Again, these are unconfirmed rumors that neither Colress nor Elesa have commented on.


Colress’ past is shrouded in mystery. Most of what is known about him is from people who have met him, or information he chooses to disclose. He began his research after he encountered the Pokemon Mewtwo. This encounter changed his life forever. His research brought him in contact with the Trainer from Aspertia on numerous occasions, and began working for Team Plasma during this period of time. Colress soon became Plasma Boss after Ghetsis stepped down, leaving Colress to keep Plasma going.