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Lesli T. Delcatty
I am a member of team magma
Species Delcatty
Age 12/24/2005
Level 55
Types Normal-type.png
Gender M
Home Hoenn
Trainer Wild
Carrying Silk scarf
Nature Unspecified

Who i am

I am none other than Lesli T. Delcatty. The "T" stands for trouble, not "the", that is silly. I have evolved from my former skitty self, skittylz and I am not regretting it. I myself am a member of team magma, recently joined...the first pokemon to join. I groom myself to rest, not just to get clean, it relaxes me as well. I am the trap of poketwitter, I may seem effeminate, but I am really a male, I even spend hours grooming myself just to look my most beautiful. I am intelligent to say the most and I talk in the most formal manner possible or at which the moment feels right.


  • My favorite thing in the world is Tabitha.
  • Mint
  • Friends
  • My fur
  • My tail, tulip
  • Frolicking
  • Grooming, especially grooming
  • singing
  • being omnivorous


  • loud noises
  • Heavy music
  • sleeping
  • freinds
  • being rubbed the wrong way

Move Set

  • Double-Edge - A powerful swing of my tail, I am affected by its recoil
  • Ice Beam - Cool blast of fresh minty breath
  • Psych Up - I am able to copy you base stats.
  • Sweet Kiss - It works, trust me


magma_tabitha My best friend in the entire world. He is the best person in the world and is currently my lover.- Damn it Tabby!

Da_Drobat A good freind of mine, he is my best freind currently, and he lends me drugs.

Shiny Alakazam - She is a good freind of mine also, she has the most expanded mind I know of.

GoldenCharizard - Rivals now, ever since I joined team magma

Politoed - A dancing freak who thinks I hate him.

Pichu - Who else

electrike - And alien head weirdo, he's pretty cool, just a bit to emotional

Charizard - I believe I owe him a new chair

KeenPidgeot - That one bird that everyone doesn't know and a pretty awesome friend!

CrazyWeavile formaly known as TinySneasel - As long as he does not rip my face off, we should be good freinds

RocketLory - The weavile's trainer, she is very nice

Poliwrath - Let's just say I like him

Slooooowbro - The beloved slowbro everyone loves

FlameFlareon - we hugged for forty eigh hours with no break, we are record breakers

Flying_Pika - A flying pikachu I met in the yellow forest

A_Haunter - A bored soul who entwined with mine

_arcanine_ - This weird dog that i'm scared of.

If I forgot anyone just ad yourselves!