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I can see only darkness. However there is a deeper darkness in the midst. The only way to quell it and protect my friends is to battle. Darkness to darkness.
Species Samurott
Age Estimated to be between 15-20 years old.
Level 36
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
Home Near Any Stream
Trainer Wild
Carrying Berry Pouch
Nature Serious

"A blind Samurott who grew stronger in order to protect his friends."


Dawson is cryptic, serious and not one to joke with. He usually takes others with suspicion and judges them primarily by the tone they use. Dawson is also fiercely independent, using his remaining senses to move around and wander the region on foot. Dawson trains very diligently, pushing himself to the extreme. When alone in an unfamiliar setting, Dawson tends to withdraw into himself and curls into a ball, incarcerated. When questioned about his blindness, Dawson persists that he both fears and anticipates the day he can see again. Dawson uses Razor Shell as his signature move, typical of his species. He is also very stubborn and it is difficult for others to change his course.

Dawson usually focuses primarily on helping others, but sees himself as 'nosey' for trying to poke into the affairs of others. Dawson often laughs at himself for this, stressing his 'stupidity' for being too reasonable to others. Dawson usually speaks very calmly, not willing to add abbreviations to his words unless he is upset or unsure of himself. He also tends to tease those he is more comfortable with, such as Pokémon younger than him. Dawson is very sensitive to others' feelings, but his curious side often shows whenever someone proposes something he wants to try. Dawson also enjoys gardening.


Dawson and his siblings lived in a forest with his parents. His siblings were constantly being taken by humans as Unova starters, causing Dawson to regard most humans with detachment and fear. A fire raged through the forest one night, killing his parents. Dawson's eyes were singed shut from the smoke and flames, effectively blinding him. Dawson was disoriented after the incident, eventually lapsing into a sense of guilt after finding that he was the only survivor of the calamity. Unable to return to the forest and distrustful of the humans who had saved him, Dawson escaped the Pokémon Center with his acute sense of direction and exceptional memory, using the stream to take him away. He does not like being reminded of what happened, but when required he tries to explain.

Dawson also likes to interact with those younger than him, feeling an innate urge to protect them the same way his older siblings did in the fire. He has also been priviledged in the fact that he has heard voices of Legendaries whenever he stops in his travels. As of now, he has witnessed a quarrel between Palkia and Kyurum. After a while Dawson kindled a love of Micle berries and began planting them everywhere. His first test as a blind Pokémon was by a Froslass named Kate, whom he voluntarily let her test Night Shade on. It opened a massive Pandora's box in Dawson but also forced him to face up to his inner fears of revisiting what had happened.

His first encounter with human technology came in the form of a television, whom he had heard humans appearing in. After watching a comedy skit named 'Four Men', Dawson realised he enjoyed listening to the sounds of the television and began visiting the house he was invited to watch in. The host was a Shiny Floatzel named Star, who he had befriended over their common topic of Green.

Dawson has also been caught up by the destruction of Cerebus and sees him as a vicious creature after his destroying of Castelia City. He received a Berry Pouch by some humans after helping them evict their boats when the destruction began. After that Dawson put up at Torch's cabin, he continued to plant Berries and even experimented with frying a Berry with Sylveon's assistance. He eventually admitted that he had fallen in love with Sylveon, under pressure from Koza. He spent a lot of time with Sylveon, teaching her how to swim and planting berries together. Even so Dawson is conflicted, proclaiming that she was amnesiac and he was blind so the relationship 'should not exist'.

Dawson was then embroiled in a larger plot involving Torch, and it awakened an inner protective desire for him to defend the residents of Shamouti. He pressurised Koza to battle him as Meloetta, angering the Ditto so much that he beat the then-Dewott up and left. Dawson wrote several letters to the Pokémon he had met in his travels and left them at their respective homes, before collapsing from the fatigue of the battle itself. When he awoke several hours later, he had become a Samurott.

Izobi's Plot

The plot was written in storybook format to signal a change in tone.

Dawson had left when he knew that Izobi had risen, staying at Shamouti and waiting for Izobi to come. He fought alongside Torch, an Umbreon named Eclipse along with the Pokémon Mark, a caretaker who owned Izobi's normal form Arkana had. One of them was a Mismagius named Medina, and she was the key to destroy Izobi. However, Izobi had control over Dakrai, and the Dakrai attempted to use Dark Void to trap Torch more than once. After that, Izobi attempted to strangle Mark in order to prevent him from reciting the chant to destroy the form he now had. Medina began to chant a spell to crucify the demonic form Izobi possessed, but he managed to break free from one of the chains and fired a beam at Medina. Dawson took the brunt of the beam, melting some parts of his armour as the beam passed through his body. He did not die, but the beam made his health dropped so much that Torrent was activated.

After the threat was eliminated, Dawson returned to continue his life with Sylveon. Currently, he is travelling through Hoenn with Sylveon(now known as Anevia) and the Piplup Blake.


-Dawson treats Sylveon as his friend, after she and Kienan helped him in the forest. This relationship has escalated to somewhat a love relationship, confusing both of them as they are unsure if they can even fall in love.

-He has also spoken to Victini, meeting him after he got lost in the town Dawson was headed for.

-Dawson shares a love-hate relationship with Wade, who often antagonises and laughs at his disability.

-Dawson has befriended Koza and Kate, but gets awfully shy when Koza teases him in Kate's form.

-Dawson has also met the explorer Torch, enjoying the adventurous and infectious energy the Torchic projects.

-In his travels Dawson was introduced to Blake the Piplup. Blake trains with Dawson in the hope to evolve and grow stronger.

Pouch Contents

  • Various berries from different regions, in particular the Micle Berries he loves.
  • Fish in excess
  • A Pokegear for easy contact with others


-Dawson was originally an Oshawott but the writer scrapped this idea due to the lack of expansion.

-The handle 'BlindingShell' is a pun of Dawson's sight loss and also connotes the speed of the move Razor Shell when utilised. His current handle 'BlindingBlades' continues this same pun, only now he uses blades.

-The name 'Dawson' has no particular meaning, but Dawson stated that it was because he was the 4th of 26 children and his parents named them off by the human alphabet.

-Dawson plants berries wherever he goes.

-Dawson utilises special emoticons such as >v< or ^v^, instead of usual smilies because he cannot open his eyes.

-Dawson hates cream after a heavily-traumatising incident involving Oreo and a Tirtouga.