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"I already know what /you’re/ looking at~"
Species Lightning Pokémon
Age 5
Level 38
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Female
Home n/a
Trainer n/a
Carrying None
Nature Hasty

"Whaddya think? You like what you see~? Maybe we can help each other out, if ya know what I mean."

Dawn is an incredibly flirtatious and promiscuous Jolteon, always with an end goal in mind of course. When she’s not trying to woo a male, however, she’s actually quite the perky optimist, always happy to be a part of anything, and lend her paw wherever she might help with her many talents.


Dawn was born to an Espeon and an Absol in some part of the range of mountains that makes up Mount Coronet. In a rather unfortunate series of events that was mostly due to the neglectfulness of her father, Dawn was stolen away by a predatory bird, intended to be its next feast when she was still just a few months old. To her luck, however, a lone Luxray came to her rescue, frying the bird and taking the young Eevee pup in as her own. Dawn’s surrogate mother was the promiscuous and racy type, a demeanor that she would copy even as she evolved into a Jolteon before her second birthday. The typing was certainly greatly influenced by her guardian. However, Luxray being the bunch they are to lump themselves into prides, her surrogate mother was quick to shoo her off onto her own at a very young age, and so Dawn took to the wilds, using her charms and her striking features to the best of her ability, to get herself all the room, board and food she could ever ask for. And this worked extremely well for the longest time. Almost every week she took up a den with a new male, enticing her way to several meals for a favor or two, as it was truly the only way she knew how to live. In time, however, she made an attempt to find her real mother, and did so rather easily due to her quick knowledge of the immediate part of Sinnoh she resided in her whole life. She tracked down the now well aged Espeon to Eterna, where she intended to confront her for abandoning her all those years ago. Much to her surprise, her mother was mated with someone entirely new - a domestic Vaporeon even older than she - and was living a life of peace and solitude. Upon seeing her grown daughter, her mother was beyond remorseful, and both her and her newfound mate did all they could to try and win Dawn back. But to more importantly teach her how to be more of a lady. To not lead the only lifestyle she had always known. Dawn was a bit stubborn of course, providing plenty of pushback. But in time she softened up a little, and due to living in a more domestic environment, took up a few hobbies that she became incredibly good at - particularly gardening. The following year was rather peaceful for the family, until Dawn’s mating season came around, and she found herself courted by a stray Absol - much to her horror. Her resentfulness of her true father had instilled a distrust in all Absol, and while for the time being he seemed rather harmless, this would prove to be a well-founded fear in time. The two had a son together (aptly named Dusk, thus fitting with the moniker of Dawn, and her mother Eve), but immediately after this her mate all but disregarded her. For the following months, Dawn tried to be a part of their family of three. To raise her son and be the best mother she could be, but her mate was having none of it, and didn’t take kindly to her… rather loose but more fun approach. And so, after many heated arguments, she left it all behind. Returning to the lifestyle she had once abandoned, though with a lot more knowledge and extra care now resting in the back of her mind.

Appearance and Personality

Dawn is possibly the least volatile looking and most well-kempt Jolteon you would ever meet. Possibly her least striking feature is her quills, ironically enough. While most Jolteon keep their coats long and prickly in the event they’ll ever need to strike back with their sharpened points during battle, Dawn keeps hers short, trimmed, neatly groomed and soft to the touch. While she can still use a pin missile should the occasion arise, she very much tries for a more friendly and gentle approach when meeting just about anybody. That said, she has a very prominent, feminine body type, used often to her advantage when trying to woo a male. However her thick and powerful legs are not at all simply for show, but play a large part in her incredible speed. Such speed that it almost always catches anyone off guard, being rather high even for the average Jolteon, and is usually her preferred method for getting out of a sticky situation. She has big, soft, and expressive purple eyes, and is almost always sporting a very warm grin, never the type to put out a bad attitude, even on her most off days. Her voice is very gentle, rather sing-songy and flirty no matter who she talks to, an expert in making just about anybody comfortable around her. She’s incredibly intelligent, able to pick apart those she talks to with relative ease, her end goal never quite clear to anyone she talks to. Licentious as she is, she always knows when and when not to put out.



Pin Missile



Thunder Wave

Quick Attack

Battle Style

While absolutely capable (and considerably more so than she gives herself credit for) in a fight, you’d never hear her say it, nor will she ever show it unless she has no other option. Dawn’s almost entirely the type to flee a fight, avoiding confrontation at all costs. That said, when worse comes to worst, she’ll usually let out a pin missile or a discharge to at the very least create space from her opponent (should she ever get pinned down or cornered somehow), and then use her agility to escape soon afterward. If the opponent is somehow able to match her speed, she’ll usually try to stun the opponent with a thunder wave before making said escape.

Additional Facts

Her birthday is March 16th

She is completely literate, having been taught by her step-father

Though she would never admit it for a second, she’s prone to bouts of depression, a large part of her identity and the way she sees and values herself due to an incredibly low view of herself, and a low self-esteem

Her mother is an exceptionally powerful Pokemon, naturally gifted to a point, where a lot of those genetics have rubbed off on Dawn in ways she doesn’t even realize