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DJ Mary
This is DJ Mary with the Pokémon Song Hour!
Age Mid-20s
Gender Female
Home Goldenrod City
Pokemon captured Smeargle (nicknamed Smea-Smea)

DJ Mary is a DJ and singer that works at the Goldenrod Radio Tower. She hosts "DJ Mary's Pokémon Song Hour" and co-hosts "The Pokémon Hour" with Professor Oak.


When heard on the radio, Mary maintains a bubbly and upbeat personality. This side of her is especially shown whenever she plays rock music on the air, as it keeps the Pokémon lively and energetic. She also teases others, especially when the subject is concerning relationships.

However, when she is off air, she has a sarcastic and condescending attitude. She often swears in front of people that anger her (and unfortunately, she has been caught swearing on the air plenty of times, especially in front of the Director). A special note is that depending on who she interacts with, she will still remain her upbeat personality from time to time.

It should be noted that when any Gold interacts with her, she tries her best to develop her bubbly personality, often throwing in some shameless flirting. (Only to leave her exhausted after they leave.) It is known that which each Gold she interacts with, she puts them on a list that is titled: "Fanboys".


DJ Ben

Mary's "best" friend. The two quarrel and joke around each other, often making immature and crude remarks about the other. Mary admits that she enjoys Ben's company even though he has to be the most annoying person she met and worked with in her life. In the new year of 2015, Ben asks her out to which Mary accepts. The two are now currently in a relationship.

It is noted that the two both share a radio booth and the two often have staring contests when they are off air. It mostly ends with Mary getting a lewd text/email from Ben, which then results in the both of them laughing at each other.

DJ Fern

Mary's childhood friend who is stationed at Lavender Town's Radio Tower. Mary describes him as a sweet, yet perverted person. She frequently teases him for fun, only to be teased back or to be given "the look". Mary describes his current "state" as MIA (implying that he got abducted by evil space Pokémon set to destroy the entire planet).

Radio Tower's Director

Mary seems to be on bad terms with the director because of her tendency to play heavy metal/rock songs early in the morning and midnight, as well as lullabies during the common work periods in Johto (meaning the late afternoon and evening). As much as he wants to fire her, he is unable to do so due to the large amounts of fans she has in both Johto and Kanto.


  • Mary's full name is Marielle Olivier.
  • Mary's former account handle was @DJMaryKurumi.
  • Mary confesses that she has an obsession with sweets.
  • Mary appreciates all genres of music, especially the metal/rock genre.
  • For some unknown reason, DJ Mary seems to dislike the Radio Tower Director. A lot.

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