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Cutest Eevee
133 Eevee by Skitteeh.jpg
Im the cutest eevee on twitter <333
Species Eevee
Level 14
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Male
Home In my house/garden
Trainer Wild
Carrying Berries
Nature Unspecified

I has arrived! yay <33333

* Name: Eevee Cutie
* Location: Pallet Town
* Bio: I'm a normal lil eevee that lives with my owner in Pallet Town. Its cramped, 
but I get used to it.


My Twitter
The gang.
My Website <33333

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About Me

Im a small eevee, but I still fight tall. I have a sister, which I LOVE, to play tricks on, and we hang out and stuff. I currently live with my owner, but I will sneak out of my house sometimes and explore. Im not afraid to go into tall grass, cuz Im not scared (sort of).





Move Set

(WIP) r