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Shane the Cubone
This Cubone appears to be...eating. It must be hungry... or bored.
Species Cubone
Age ???
Level 13
Types Ground-type.png
Gender M
Home Viridian Gym
Trainer Wild
Carrying Thick Club
Nature Unspecified


This Cubone used to belong to some stupid Youngster who couldn't stop bragging about how awesome his Cubone was. He lost a fight to Silver and in return had his precious Cubone snagged. Cubone never really cared about his old trainer; he actually made the Cubone train for battles instead of sleep like the Cubone had wanted to.

Now he is one of Silver's traveling companions and enjoys the easy life. He has a good relationship with Silver, Silver feeds him and Cubone doesn't have to do anything but follow.


Shane, as Silver calls the Cubone, is generally lazy and dislikes exerting itself too much. It tends to spend it's free time eating or sleeping. When he is living in the Gym however he bullies all the lower level pokemon into giving him their food. Strangely, the Cubone seems to be strong despite it's laziness and current lack of training.