Crazii Ambipom

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Ally Ambipom
Ambipom Star 2.jpg
The Princess of Monkeys!
Species Ambipom
Age 17
Level 83
Types Normal
Gender F
Home Ping Pong Training Center in Vermilion, Kanto
Trainer User: rich_dento
Carrying Silk Scarf
Nature Unspecified

Who I Am

The Ambipom I am!

I'm am, in fact, a female. I love sunny days and music! Also into Cola and sweeeets! Sorry, hyper! I'm nice, too. Well, I'm currently in Vermilion City in Kanto with Dawn's Ambipom at the Ping Pong camp, but I sometimes go to Johto for kicks! =) I still do that (still the same) even though I'm now owned by rich_dento. So I'll go to Isshu sometimes...

Birth and Childhood

Ambipom was known to be born near Sunyshore City. She was an Aipom as a child roaming around Sinnoh.

How Crazii_Ambipom came to be

Ambipom was curious, searching. She then found some small gadget in front of Volkner's Gym that actually could connect to the internet. With it, she searched up her specie "Ambipom" on a search site and found "AwesomeAmbipom" on twitter. Flattered, she felt inspired and followed him later on. Yes, she signed up for the very first time. She wanted to be like him, that popular Ambipom. So far, she's pretty good with the whole Twitter community.

Later, she changed her twitter name from Ambipom_Star to Crazii_Ambipom.


Partying, PokeCola, bananas, her tails, herself, sweet food, chocolate, music, dancing, boys, Dawn's Ambipom, Ataro, Gym Leader Bugsy, Johto, Sinnoh, Isshu, the night view, sunlight, neon lights, swearing, flipping the bird, sense of humor, keeping herself clean, long hot showers, having fun, her Aipom friends, and more. She also like to visit Azalea Town, and a few other places like Goldenrod City and the National Park, a lot.


Sadness, too much drama, cloudy days, when something goes horribly wrong, when she gets bored, SPICY food, fighting, scream-o music, nightmares, and more....


The little Aipom was running around in the Soleceon Ruins (she went far on her own) all because of boredom, pure boredom, until she ran into a bunch of Unowns. Scared, she wanted to run away, but they are surrounding her. She managed to get over her fear and attack them with her newly learned move Double Hit. When she knocked half of the Unown group out, she evolved into an Ambipom and finished off the rest of them, then ran out of the Ruins, feeling all powerful since she's now an Ambipom.

Crazii_Ambipom's friends

Pokemon: PolkieFTW, Delkitty, Murdoch_dawn, _Arcanine_, Poliwrath_, and more. Humans: Some Gym Leaders like rich_dento, her favorite Gym Leader Bugsy, CoordinatorDawn, Breeder_Gold and so on...