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Flicking my hair is my signature.
Age I don't care about my age.
Gender Male
Home LaRousse City
Pokemon captured

Drew is a Pokemon Coordinator, who comes from LaRousse City. He works to become Top Coordinator one day. He has travelled through the regions of Hoenn, Kanto, Johto and currently the Sinnoh region.


Drew was eating his lunch, and his fellow rival, May, insisted to make him a Twitter account. With all of the whining, Drew finally agreed to this and decided to create an account. He also installed the application onto his Pokenav so he could update it on the go. He found some fellow Trainers, Coordinators and Leaders to communicate with. He has learnt some up coming events through twitter.

Current Behaviour

Drew is travelling the Sinnoh region at the moment, to compete in numerous amounts of contests to get into the Sinnoh Grandfestival. He stopped travelling Johto for a while because of reasons he does not wish to share.

Wallace Cup

The Wallace Cup, held by the Famous Coordinator Wallace, will be held in Sinnoh's own Lake Verity, which is located near Twinleaf Town. Drew will be participating in this rare event, along with a fellow Trainer Who he met on Twitter.

Recent Tweets

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