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Look at me!
Species Meowth!
Age Cat
Level Cat
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Cat
Home Catspace
Trainer StradaPerRovina
Carrying laptop
Nature naughty

Jackpot is a Meowth from parts unknown. A very playful, mischievous, and easily-distracted Meowth. Technically a member of Team Rocket.


Jackpot is incredibly mischievous, even hypnotizing people for fun on occasion. Jackpot enjoys playing tricks on grayguy most of all. Jackpot has a very short attention span and often gets distracted by shiny objects.



Jackpot showed up on twitter in May 2012 after taking his recently-deceased ex-trainer's laptop computer. Jackpot's previous trainer was a team rocket grunt named, quite unfortunately, Rocket Grunt. Shortly afterwards, he was assigned to grayguy's side.

Active Rocket Member

While under the employ of Team Rocket, Jackpot managed to steal large amounts of money to stash away in an unspecified location. Jackpot managed to steal one of Team Rocket's mechas and hid it away in one of the many Cereals' labs.


At one point, Jackpot was affected by the AGGRONification beam and was transformed into an AGGRON. Believing himself to have finally evolved into a Persian, Jackpot proceeded to act more catlike than ever before, much to the chagrin of grayguy.


Jackpot knows mimic and has demonstrated it on many occasions, even using it to mimic normally-impossible stunts shown in cartoons.

Jackpot is able to access catspace, a pocket dimension allowing him to pop in unexpectedly and stash things away.

Cat Shenanigans


Jackpot adopted the form of a Mew for the Halloween of 2012, complete with floating.


Jackpot managed to drive a truck into Cereal's house without damaging it initially, until an Alakazaam teleported the truck directly above the house. Great amounts of damage to Jackpot's inexplicably-acquired truck was caused as a result.