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hello, everyone. this is me, chandelure.
Species Chandelure
Age 110
Level 62
Types Ghost-type.png Fire-type.png
Gender Male
Home Old Chateau
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

chandelure is a ghost/fire type pokemon who lives in a haunted house. he joined twitter in order to make new friends, because the ghosts that he currently lives with are very cruel and unfriendly. chandelure hangs from the ceiling and dreams of travelling around the world like other pokemon. chandelure has a habit of typing in the lower case, for whatever reason that is.

Twitter Updates

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  • Moveset:
    • Hex
    • Inferno
    • Flamethrower
    • Shadow Ball
  • Likes:
    • Music, especially jazz, swing, soul, and blues
    • Meeting new people
    • Absorbing life energy from humans
  • Dislikes:
    • Rotoms
    • Ignorance
    • Being stuck to a ceiling


chandelure was born as a human in the year 1901 and lived his life as a pokemon trainer, jazz musician, and philosopher. he was a very laid back human, and did not aspire to be the pokemon league champion. he lived in the unova region, and spent his days sitting on the shores of undella beach, thinking and playing music for his pokemon to enjoy. at the age of 85 chandelure passed away due to natural causes, and his remains were sent to the celestial tower.
years later he became a litwick, and spent his days roaming the tower. he was one day captured by a pokemon trainer, who raised litwick into a thriving chandelure. the pokemon trainer grew too old for chandelure, however, and released him at the old chateau in the sinnoh region, so that he may return to his wild origins and live with his fellow ghost pokemon. chandelure now spends most of his time listening to music and observing his ever-changing surroundings.



the chandelure picture, used both in this article and as my twitter avatar, was designed by chandeluree on deviant art.