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Cedric is a Pokemon Trainer living in Kanto's Saffron City with his Pokemon, who he dotes on.
However, he is terribly impatient with Pokemon who aren't his. While he has many enemies, he also has many friends whose parties he attends on a regular basis. He aspires to become a Pokemon Professor in the future, though it is unlikely that he will ever achieve this goal.
He is currently trying to pursue his education, though since he had abruptly moved regions, this has been made difficult.

Cedric Y. Noh
"I took Ganja to school and got detention for it."
Age 18
Gender Male
Home Saffron City
Pokemon captured Torterra, Hypno, Alakazam, Skuntank, Goldeen, Turtwig

Basic Information

Name: Cedric Yoric Noh
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 76kg
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Hometown: Saffron City
Occupation: Unemployed.


  • Contests
  • Competitive battling
  • Surfing the net
  • Partying
  • Booze
  • Pokemon
  • Bad horror movies
  • Swearing at people he doesn't like


  • Bullies
  • School
  • Rude customers
  • Trick-or-treaters
  • Mornings
  • Mondays
  • When random people and Pokemon break into his place
  • Hangovers
  • Being called rude names for participating in contests

Current Pokémon

"Ganja" the Torterra

His first and most loved Pokemon. Received as a starter Pokemon from Professor Rowan when Cedric was only twelve years of age, she has become his best friend and his rock. While her Sassy nature makes her somewhat aggressive towards those she dislikes, she is overall quite a pleasant Pokemon to be around. Ganja is the biological mother of Mary-Jane, though she refuses to take responsibility for the child despite wishing to bond with her.

"Swank" the Hypno

Swank was caught as a Drowzee when a swarm of them had invaded the area in which Cedric was residing at the time. Cedric basically had to pelt him with pokeballs just to avoid being hit with Hypnosis. Though the two didn't start off on good terms, they eventually grew to like each other and work well as a team. Swank is known by the other Pokemon as a bit of a tattle tale and a blackmailer - traits that were put down to him being a Psychic-type until Chai's arrival.

"Chai" the Alakazam

During a holiday in south-east Kanto, Cedric had encountered a woman who offered to trade her shiny Kadabra for his beautiful but horribly aggressive Gardevoir. He agreed to the trade and wound up with Chai, who evolved into an abnormally short Alakazam on the trade. He was instantly smitten with her and therefore rarely keeps her in her pokeball. She is promiscuous and a bit of a schmooze, though that seems to have no effect on how much her trainer loves her.

"Mercy" the Chansey

Forcibly dumped onto him by her old trainer, Mercy has proven to be nothing but trouble for Cedric and his other Pokemon. Whilst she does act as a good special wall in battle, she is as grumpy as anything and happens to possess a horrid mean streak. She loves to watch others suffer and when healing her teammates, tries her best to make the process as painful as possible.

"Flatus" the Skuntank

Captured on a road trip through Sinnoh, Flatus is still adjusting to his new home. He hasn't made any friends in the team, but he has made an enemy and a crush - of the same Pokemon. He also seems to have an odd habit of bathing regularly, though no matter how hard he tries, he cannot rid himself of the smell which lingers around his kind.

"Mary-Jane" the Turtwig

The newest addition to the "family", little Mary-Jane has had a bad start to life having been dropped into the ocean and savaged by wild water-type Pokemon. As a result, she has been left horribly disfigured. She believes Chai to be her mother, though it is quite obvious that the title belongs to Ganja, who still believes that the aforementioned Alakazam was the one who has torn her daughter's face into pieces.
Mary-Jane was named such after her mother, whose name describes the same smokable plant.
She is technically no longer one of Cedric's Pokemon, as she has remained in Sinnoh with some family friends.

"Ignatious" the Goldeen

Ignatious, or "Iggy" is a Goldeen who was won at a fair as a prize in a 'Mr. Mime Feeder' game. He isn't used at all in battle and seems to be little more than a household pet, spending more time in his fishbowl than in his pokeball. Nonetheless, he is loved and cared for as the others are. He is mostly ignored by the other Pokemon, though he is slathered with attention from his trainer and is often the hapless assistant in many of Chai's crazy plans.



Known Relatives

Tasha Noh (Older Sister)

Current Issues

Cedric is currently on the run from the law and is hiding out in Kanto's Saffron City. The SSPCP (Sinnoh Society for the Portection and Care of Pokemon) have threatened to take his Alakazam from him as she is deemed unhealthy by their standards. Cedric enjoyed the days off school, though he is concerned for his education and his Turtwig, both of which were left in the Sinnoh region. He has recently obtained a Chansey.

Twitter Updates

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