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I'm a freaking rain cloud
Species Castform
Age A few days
Level 20
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Female
Home Where Ever I Can Sleep
Trainer Wild
Carrying iPod Touch
Nature Unspecified

Castform is young, dorky, and easily scared. Since she was created recently, there are quite a few things she does not understand. Her nickname was temporarily FUCKER when she had a trainer. She doesn't seem to know how to control her powers well. She also doesn't seem to know that she is female.



Castform was created at the Weather Institute for weather research. She, however, was not the only Castform created. Others were created when the scientists realized that Castform could not use her powers at will. She quickly became forgotten.


Shortly after being created, Castform found a computer on the Twitter homepage and decided to take a look. She proceeded to ramble about how she didn't know what was going on.


Team Magma invaded the Weather Institute because they heard about a Pokemon there that could control weather. They were defeated by a random young trainer. The scientists saw this as an opportunity to get rid of Castform, who was now more of a burden than anything else. They placed her in a Poke Ball and gave her to the trainer, who did not like Castforms. The trainer nicknamed Castform FUCKER and released her.


Rain Dance

Never been used before.

Sunny Day

When Castform was brought outside into the storm, she instinctively used this because she did not like her Water forme. However, she didn't like her Fire forme either and began to freak out.


Castform used this, too, and freaked out again.

Weather Ball

Never been used before. A scientist taught her this for research, but she failed to use it.

Other Moves

  • Powder Snow

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