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Bui Bui!
Species Buizel
Age 2
Level 83
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
Home Viridian City Gym
Trainer RocketMafia
Carrying Medicinal Supplies
Nature Unspecified


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Heh Buizels here, where to start...well i am a Buizel, my kind originate from our breeding grounds which i wont reveal, because last thing i need is someone going to attack there. I am almost 2 years old, yet in life, I strive toward the ultimate good, helping others, promoting peace and love for one another, being friendly to all, doing those things to the best of my abilities. I guess I see myself as a hero here, and that's what i wanna be! A Hero! Yet overtime, i do struggle from time to time, finding the right thing to do. But no matter, as long as i stay positive, I know I'll find my way. Another thing about me, i have started to develop a nurturing behavior, i see that too many baby Pokemon are just left around with no supervision, so i do my best to take them under my wing...or fin, and help them and raise them. i am a pretty emotional Pokemon, and have noticed when i get angry, it gets bad, and i lose my sense of judgment, I'm trying to remedy that.


My Aura shown here
Water Aura Sphere attack!

Along my travels i met AuraLucario and he taught me the way of Aura, and from that point in my life, everything changed. I trained diligently and i have become quite adept at Aura. Deemed worthy in the ways of aura by AuraLucario, I am able to instruct others in the way of aura.

Aura Techniques

  • Mind Reading - I don't use this Technique much, in fact I forget I even possess it.
  • Telepathy - I use this one a lot, its the bridge for communicating with humans, Like Rocketmafia and Nurse Joy, and any other humans i come into contact with. Also useful for communications with Pokemon very away.
  • Barrier - To make up for my poor defensive skill, i use this quite often, although i train speed hard, it is nearly impossible to hit me, me being evasive, i tend to be a good sport and let stuff hit me, or shield to lessen the impact.
  • Aura Sphere / Water Aura Sphere - Basic offensive attack with aura, Powerful and fast, and is a fighting type technique. By using aura, i can fuse my natural element into the sphere changing its type into a water technique
  • Aura Jet - Using my aura, i've perfected my Aqua jet, increase the speed of the technique 10 fold, almost invisible to the eye, in times of danger, or if someone needs help badly, i use this technique to travel across regions quickly
  • Aura Heal - This move was devolped observing Croconaw and Houndour. Noticing when injuries are applied, aura is faded from the section of the body, no aura flow to the head usaully leads to unconsciousness, for example. Yet through manipulation, directing aura flow back into a depleted area and recover it, not fully, yet somewhat.
  • Aura Paralyization - This Technique is newly discovered and is seen as a cruel, dark technique to me, stopping the flow of aura to a section of the body, rendering it a useless limb. The effects are temporary and reversable at will, but the consequences are not, and i do not think i shall use it any time soon.
  • Aura Siphon - Recently trained technique, slowly drains the target of stamina and the will to fight, leaving the victim winded.


I was given birth by my mother, a Floatzel, and my father also a Floatzel. While growing up in the breeding grounds, all of the other Floatzels have this sense of domination over us Buizels and always bullied us. Me and a close group of buizel banded together and made a pact to stay together and be there for each other until we left the ground. Yet that didnt help much since there was more of them then us. Eventually i was tired of it all and i left at an early age, out into the world on my own. I did pretty well for myself, I found a nice Grotto near Floraroma Town and it was lush with life, so I turned it into my home, and a berry garden, and i would go out and plant berries across Sinnoh. Lived a short while in the wild, making friends, until i heard a Regigigas was killing innocent starter pokemon. I couldnt let that continue and i went to halt him. the battle was short and one sided, i was foolish to go, yet a certain human, Rocketmafia , captured me in mid battle and rescued me from death. More to comeBuizels

Buizels is one of many from his home, a Breeding grounds for many Buizels and Floatzels. He has reached his second year in his young life, Buizels has an optimistic outlook on life, Striving toward the goal of the ultimate good, he enjoys to help others, promotion of love and peace, being friendly to everyone he can,